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TopCat is a service designed for organizing and holding cat shows, as well as for automotion of composing of an actual rating.

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Top Cat Finals 2018

China, Beijing
Lithuania, Tallinn
Ukraine, Zaporizhia
Latvia, Rīga
Russia, Yekaterinburg
Switzerland, Chiasso
Italy, Vanzaghello
Estonia, Tallinn
Russia, Penza
Top Cat Final 2018
Kazakhstan, Astana
Israel, Tel Aviv
Malta, Luqa
Belarus, Minsk
Belgium, Nassogne
Turkey, Antalya
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Ranking news
A note on Fun-Shows.

Let us not forget the times when WCF used to forbid ANY rings that are not standard WCF affairs, this is still mentioned in the license.

Today, thanks to the push from TopCat and A. Rudakova, WCF allows any Fun-Shows to be held and in any format. Fun-Show is now legal, which also means is licensed and regulated.

Still, in the latter days, WCF began allowing purely entertaining Fun-Shows to be held, where breed quality is irrelevant, and tail length, playfulness, facial expression, eye size, charisma, and funniest spotting are measured by ANYONE, sometimes including people far removed from WCF and felinology.

TopCat, however, sticks to the original definition of Fun-Show, where it is assumed to be a professional competition with actual judge forming a top-10 according to actual, breed-relevant qualities and features, same as in WCF ring.

What did we get…

Some shows took our attention, where some 40 Fun-Shows were held, under ridiculous names and obvious motive of “Let us all get more TopCat points”. While we commend the zeal, limits should be respected, lest we inflate the points and ruin the competition with 1000+ points gained on a smallest national show.

We corrected the rules, and then it was an arms race down from there, where some individuals tried to misinterpret the rules and host anything on their shows. While anyone has the right to come up with anything and there is no legal definition of thought crime, TopCat as a rating reinstates its right to have some standards regarding what counts as a Fun-Show and what does not.

We do not interfere with clubs’ coming up with funny and relaxed competitions, we define what yields points and what does not.

So long as this perverted arms race continues, TopCat reserves the right to correct and precise the rules to the point where point gain on Fun-Shows will be reasonable and proportional.
Illegal Fun-Shows will be deleted after the show.

P.S. for Show Hosts:
Please, remind yourself of the rules before the show, and when in doubt - contact support team and coordinate your planned Fun-Show ideas with them, support team is always there to support you.
Show organizers news
Finished shows will now be temporarily given a point multiplier of 0 (zero).
Positive multiplier will return as soon as we verify that all 4 criteria are met:

1. Show payment is received.
2. Show protocols are uploaded to the “Documents” section.
3. Show data is validated, mistakes in acquired judgments/titles/ranks are corrected.
4. Show is closed in at most a month after the event, show data is uploaded during that period.
Ranking news
WCF General Assembly to ban Top Cat and Golden Cat.

Due to Top Cat receiving high volume of inquiries about legal status of Top Cat and Golden Cat, we would like to clarify and start with bill's wording as suggested by BRKV:

«Top Cat and Golden Cat, all WCF clubs «members» can no working for this organisations is agains WCF, is not legal and anti Europeen rules, all informations go out from Europ, is forbidden, if Top Cat will be a legal organisation so must split from WCF, Top Cat are Russian also GoldenCat. »

As it is written, WCF members may not form employment contracts with third party organisations. We remind that clubs are neither Top Cat employers or employees, employment contracts are not drawn up, software is provided under license agreement, and is not covered by proposition's wording.

To add more, this proposition was not accepted on a WCF General Assembly, since this change may only be accepted as a change to WCF Statute (as described in article 3 of WCF Statute). Such change would require at least ¾ of GA participants's votes, which it had not.


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