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TopCat is a service designed for organizing and holding cat shows, as well as for automotion of composing of an actual rating.

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Ranking news
Please, navigate to your profile and tick the following:
"I allow my phone number and e-mail to be visible to show hosts"
Without this permission, it will be almost impossible for show host to contact you.
Show organizers news
TopCat GDPR compliance update.

As of now:
1. Unregistered user profiles will no longer show up on site, even in management section.
2. Filling in the «Owner» field is no longer a requirement in cat profile. When editing a participation request you will now see the new «Owner» field, that should be filled in, manually if the owner is not registered. Filled name will be displayed in Catalogue and following documents.
Changes to Highland Straight and Scottish Straight codes.

Since 2015 codes on TopCat opted for SCS and SCL, original codes proposed by ACF and TICA that were the first to acknowledge the two breeds.

Visiting the WCF web-portal we can see different codes in use by the WCF, despite the majority voting against the change on the General Assembly.

Official WCF enforces this new terminology in all documents distregarding the lack of formal adoption, going as far as sending reprimands to clubs after every show.

After careful consideration, we choose set SFS 71 and SFL 71 as breed codes for Highland and Scottish Straight, to save clubs the trouble, unwanted attention and intimidation from the WCF office.


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October 25, 2019
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