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TopCat is a service designed for organizing and holding cat shows, as well as for automotion of composing of an actual rating.

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Top Cat Finals 2018

China, Beijing
Lithuania, Tallinn
Ukraine, Zaporizhia
Latvia, Rīga
Russia, Yekaterinburg
Switzerland, Chiasso
Italy, Vanzaghello
Estonia, Tallinn
Russia, Penza
Top Cat Final 2018
Kazakhstan, Astana
Israel, Tel Aviv
Malta, Luqa
Belarus, Minsk
Belgium, Nassogne

Golden Cat Finals 2018

Estonia, Tallinn
Hungary, Pápa
Catalonia, Barcelona
Spain, Madrid
Malta, Luqa
Belarus, Minsk
Latvia, Rīga
Thailand, Bangkok
Latvia, Rīga
Golden Cat Final 2018
Italy, San Genesio…
Israel, Tel Aviv - Jaffa
China, Guangzhou
Kazakhstan, Astana
Lithuania, Panevėžys
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Ukraine, Odessa
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Show organizers news
We salute the best clubs of 2018 rating season!

Let us remind you that starting from 2018 not only maximum scoring clubs are awarded, but also those that also hold their shows on TopCat portal.

Top Club International 2018:
1. Associazioni Feline Federate (AFEF) (Italy)

2. FOO "Mister Kot" (Belarus)

3. Clover Club (China)

Best clubs by country:
1. Belarus - FOO "Mister Kot"

2. Belgium - Organisation Féline Belge (OFB)

3. China - Clover Club

4. Estonia - SelenaTiger

5. Greece - Asssociation Felina Greece

6. Hungary - HungaroCat Magyar Orszagos Egyesület

7. Israel - Cat Land Israel

8. Italy - Associazioni Feline Federate (AFEF)

9. Kazakhstan - CKF ARKO&K

10. Latvia - LKMA Mooncat

11. Malta - Malta Feline Guardians Club (MFGC)

12. Russia - CFC "Cher ami"

13. Spain - Associació Felina de Catalunya (ASFeC)

14. Thailand - Feline Ideal Trade Association (FIT)

15. Ukraine - PFC "Uslada"

All these clubs receive the following rewards:
1. All their shows are highlighted with a "Gold ribbon" on show schedule page

2. The club may apply an 1,5x point modifier to one of it's 2019 shows.
To all winning club presidents we extend an invitation to a honorary banquet in Penza, April 13, 20:00 local time.
Ranking news
Dear friends!
We are glad to inform that TopCat becomes even closer to you and can now be installed on your phone as a handy mobile app.
With TopCat app you can:
• Monitor the status of the overall rating and the performance of your pets;
• Have a current show schedule on hand and an ability to submit an application for a show in 3 taps;
• Quickly pass the registration process on the day of exhibition and track your cat's results in real time;
• Access TopCat database of confirmed cat profiles and find partners for your cats' breeding program;
• Quickly update or edit your personal or cat's profile.
Ranking news
Due to numerous reports and surfacing evidende of tampering with rating algorhythms, as well as unprecedented scale of point forgery, we have made a decision to multiply 2018 Fun-Show hosting national exhibition TopCat points by zero.
2019 Rating rules were changed to prevent this behavior in the future:


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