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TopCat is a service designed for organizing and holding cat shows, as well as for automotion of composing of an actual rating.

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Ranking news
Show hosting software is now officially separated from Top Cat.
Every club now has its own, proprietary cat database, separate from Top Cat.
Only show applications sent via Top Cat mobile app or web interface are ranked, as per GDPR requirements.
If a club chooses to use its own show software - it is necessary for them to accept Top Cat applications from users willing to participate in the rating.
If a manager chooses to manually add a cat application, even if its owner has a confirmed profile, a separate data entity is generated and the Top Cat profile receives no points, as it is separate from the Show Office profile.
Show organizers news
Dear friends!
We have now separated TopCat rating and show software ( into separate entities.
You cat authorize on ShowOffice using your MOTMOM account as well as on TopCat.
Please note: only those applications submitted via Top-Cat website or mobile app will be rating-enabled, applications submitted by other means do not imply consent to personal data processing.
Ranking news
Upcoming changes for 2020 ranking season

1. Nation, Republic and Region cups now demand a confirmed cat profile for participation. Please, contact at least a month before the event to ensure it is properly accounted.
2.“Club Cup” Fun-Show is now added for clubs to host. Only those cats with hosting club in their profile may compete.
A club may only host one Club Cup every year.
A cat may only compete in Club Cup in a year.
3.“Jubilee Show” format added for 5-, 10- and 15-year old clubs, has a score multiplier of 2 and only available to confirmed clubs showing their registration certificate. Please, contact at least a month before the event to ensure it is properly accounted.
4. Fun Show rules adjusted.
5. Show-Office licensing fees have been adjusted
Show hosting and manual results upload:
1 category = 1250 rub./judgment
2 category = 1500 rub./judgment
3 category = 1750 rub./judgment
4 category = 2000 rub./judgment
Manual results upload only:
1 category = 2250 rub./judgment
2 category = 2750 rub./judgment
3 category = 3250 rub./judgment
4 category = 3750 rub./judgment
6. Checking and verifying National, Republic and Region Cup fun-show documents and accounting for the show appropriately: 3000 rub.
7. ... Show hosting software payment and show closure window is changed to 2 weeks after the show. ...
8. According to numerous requests, points for HP class are added, and will appear in 2020 ranking season, after the 2019 season is closed.
9. To comply with GDPR requirements and better data protection Top Cat rating will be separated from the Show-Office software, (estimated roll-out in mid-January).
The accounts are shared, no new registration is required.
The change makes aims to make control over data more efficient and streamlined for clubs, breeders will still apply to cat shows via TopCat interface.
A number of less notable overhauls and improved stability are on the way.
Stay tuned!


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