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TopCat is a service designed for organizing and holding cat shows, as well as for automotion of composing of an actual rating.

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Tap Cat Finals 2018

Russia, Penza
Top Cat Final 2018

Golden Cat Finals 2018

Estonia, Tallinn
Hungary, Pápa
Catalonia, Barcelona
Spain, Madrid
Malta, Luqa
Belarus, Minsk
Latvia, Rīga
Thailand, Bangkok
Latvia, Rīga
Golden Cat Final 2018
Italy, San Genesio…
Israel, Tel Aviv - Jaffa
China, Guangzhou
Kazakhstan, Astana
Lithuania, Panevėžys
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Ukraine, Kyiv


Show organizers news
Dear show organizers,
According to the General Assembly 2017 decisions some important changes will take place on our portal.
Below is the list of the changes that affect Top Cat and the show software:
1. Acceptance of Arabian Mau (ARM)
2. Acceptance of Deutsch Langhaar (DLH)
3. Acceptance of Toy Bob (TBS)
4. Changing of the Hair Category for British Longhair, Highlandfold, Highland Straight and Selkirk Rex Longhair from SLH to LH (BLH + SFL + SCL + SRL)
5. Changing of the Group for Balinese, Oriental Longhair (BAL + OLH) from SLH to SOSH
6. Changing the Group for all hairless breeds to HL. (5th Group)
7. New colors for Siberian breed:
nu 24 - brown sunshine tabby spotted
nu 22 - brown sunshine tabby blotched
nu 23 - brown sunshine tabby mackerel
8. Deletion of the Baby class (16a)
9. Changing the age of the Litter class: 3 to 6 months.
Show organizers news
Dear club owners and show managers!
Inform you about updates on our site.

Public part:

- We added a paid service for pinning up a club or a cattery in the top of the list;
- Judge's home-city is added in the judge's profile;
- Cat's name and title is visually divided now. (In case, the owner has approved the title on the portal); - New filter - "Title" - is added in the cats' catalogue;
- A new icon for downloading PDF format certificates is added in the "Ranking Titles" section in the cat's profile.
Cat show manage part:

- Now you can unblock a show day for editing by clicking on the "lock" icon in the day tab;
- To avoid accidentally rewriting a title for a cat, we've removed "Best in Variety" and "Best in Breed" checkboxes from multi actions window. These titles can be appointed for each cat only separately.
Ranking news
Dear TOPCAT members,
Pay attention to the changes in the name and abbreviation of the breeds:

Scottish Fold Shorthair SFS
Highland Fold SFL
Scottish Srtaight Shorthair SCS
Scottish Straight Longhair SCL

Names and abbreviations of these breeds were aligned with the names and codes in the organizations which recognized these breeds. (ACF and TICA)


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