Cats Heal Depression

Feline therapy: what do you know about it?

The world is not so perfect as cats. Therefore, each of them knows the main cat's mission: to share their perfection with us, people. And thus help us to be happy even in our imperfect world.

And healthy.

But seriously, cats really treat a variety of diseases. This is called feline therapy. A method of treating and preventing various diseases through the communication with cats.

Feline therapy is especially effective in mental disorders. According to surveys, 74% of cat owners said that their pets have a positive effect on their mental health. In particular, the symptoms of depression, which thousands of people are familiar with, often recede if a cat appears in the house.

Firstly, they perfectly see when we feel bad. They feel this.

Secondly, if depression is caused by loneliness, true or imaginary one, cats seem to tell us by the mere fact of their presence: now you are not alone! You have me.

Third, when depressed, people often feel unwanted. But after all, any cat needs to be fed, stroked and talked to, and its tray cleaned. If you have a cat, there is a purpose in your life. So, you are needed - at least, by this fluffy (but not necessarily) beauty, who demands food at half past four in the morning.

No time for depression...

Of course, if you have depression confirmed by a medical diagnosis, you may not neglect treatment by a specialist. But cats will definitely do only better in such a case.