Love Cats in St. Petersburg!

Artist Elena Alyokhina creates puppet sphinxes and takes photos of them on the background of beautiful St. Petersburg views.

St. Petersburg is the cat capital of Russia, and maybe, of the whole world! The Hermitage's legendary cats alone are known all over the world… But they are not the only cats known in the city on the Neva! In St. Petersburg, you can do not only what some of you (but certainly not all) are now thinking about: there you can endlessly admire palaces, monuments and channels - and St. Petersburg cats. After all, they know how to love cats, like in no other place on the planet. And what happens if you combine love for beautiful cats and love for a beautiful city?

This will end in endless delight. Artist Elena Alyokhina is a confirmation thereof. For several years now, Elena has been creating hand-made cats. Of course, these are toys, but they look exactly like real cats. The artist herself says that she practices mixed techniques: "... heads and limbs are made of plastic, paws are made of fabric, bodies are soft, stuffed with padding polyester and pebbles". This is Elena, who sews clothes from Japanese textured cotton for her beautiful kitties. It takes 2-3 weeks to create one cat.

When a cat is created and dressed up, Elena does not leave it gathering dust on the shelves of her workshop, but takes it to channels, monuments and palaces. Against the background of beautiful sights, she takes photos of them. This results in an amazing union of a delightful city and wonderful animals... …which look great solo

and in couples

and in the retro style

on the Moika embankment,

against the background of St. Isaac's Cathedral

and even on the famous St. Petersburg roofs!

Nobody knows whether the artist is fond of roofing, but she definitely likes walking along the roofs accompanied by her cats.

Have you noticed that Elena Alyokhina's cats are sphinxes? In fact, she has a great experience as a puppeteer: there have been dogs in her creative biography

a horse and even people. We hope everyone knows Frida Kahlo?

But only sphinxes captured her heart. “... this breed is harmony, grace and perfection. I plan to get such a cat for myself,” the master says.

Well, the idea of photographing her “pets” against the background of St. Petersburg sights is just a tribute to love for her native city: “Living in St. Petersburg, it is impossible not to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of our city.”

We agree with Elena, and what about you?