Do You Respect Me?

March 28 ia the Respect Your Cat Day

Cat holidays – what do you know about them? We are sure that everyone remembers two dates: March 1 and August 8. Well, yes, that's right: Russian Cat Day and International Cat Day are the main holidays on the calendar of any real cat owner.

However, as it turns out, there is another holiday dedicated to cats, and it is celebrated right today, on March 28! Respect Your Cat Day is the day of Respect for Your Cat.

This holiday was created in America, but its roots come from the medieval England. It is believed that it was on March 28, 1384 (!!!) when King Richard II signed a special decree that forbade... eating cats! This is how the man looked like.

He ascended to the throne at the age of 9, ruled for a long time, but did not do anything especially good, except for this decree, for which all cat lovers all over the world have been thanking him for almost 800 years. The signature was probably like this:

But seriously, the Middle Ages were not the happiest time for cats. They were considered as witch companions, were persecuted and destroyed. Especially black ones. Well, sometimes they even ate cats... The gloomy Middle Ages...

So we should thank King Richard II for such a decree! Cats and kittens are now respected all over the world, and even a holiday was invented in honor of the royal decree. How to celebrate it? May you give your cat its favorite treat?

Buy a new funny toy?

Sing a song?

Take it to the vet?

Comb the fur?

Carefully clean the tray?

Or maybe just leave the cat sleeping all day long, as the cat wishes?

Dear friends, such manifestations of respect, love and care do not need a special holiday! After all, our pets love us sincerely and disinterestedly; let's just reciprocate them ...