Cat color directory

Base color

Code Name
n black, seal (in pointed cats), brown (in Burmese), ruddy (in Abyssinian and Somaly), tawny (in Ocicat)
a blue
b chocolate
c lilac
d red
e cream
f black tortie
g blue tortie
h chocolate tortie
j lilac tortie
o cinnamon (sorrel in Abyssinian and Somaly)
p fawn
q cinnamon tortie (sorrel tortie in Abyssinian and Somaly)
r fawn tortie
w white
nt amber (only in NFO)
at light amber (only in NFO)
dt red based on amber (only in NFO)
et cream based on amber ((only in NFO)
ft amber tortie (only in NFO)
gt light amber tortie (only in NFO)


Code Name Description
s silver

y golden

Dilute modifier

Code Name
m modifier
am caramel, based on blue
cm caramel or taupe, based on lilac
em apricot, based on cream
pm caramel, based on fawn
gm caramel tortie
jm caramel, based on lilac tortie or taupe tortie
rm caramel, based on fawn tortie
*m caramel, where the base colour is unknown

Amount of white

Code Name Description
01 van

02 harlequin

03 bicolour

04 mitted (only applicable to RAG)

05 snowshoe (only applicable to SNO)

09 any other amount of white

Tabby pattern

Code Name Description
11 shaded (for BRI: tipped)

12 shell

21 unspecified tabby

22 blotched tabby

23 mackerel tabby

24 spotted tabby

25 ticked tabby

Pointed pattern and typical breed colors

Code Name Description
31 Burmese pointed

32 Tonkinese pointed

33 Siamese pointed

34 Singapura color / sable seal sepia ticked

35 Abyssinian color / ticking


Code Name Description
51 rumpy

52 rumpy riser

53 stumpy

54 longie

Eye color

Code Name
61 blue
62 orange
63 odd eyed
64 green
65 Burmese eye colour
66 Tonkinese eye colour
67 Siamese eye colour


Code Name Description
71 straight

72 curled

Coat structure

Code Name Description
81 longhair/straight hair (only Don Sphynx and Peterbald)

82 shorthair/straight hair (only Don Sphynx and Peterbald)

83 brush (only Don Sphynx and Peterbald)

84 straight (only applicable to La Perm shorthair and longhair)