General provisions

TopCat International Rating System unites participants from countries around the world.

The following pets and persons participate in the Rating:

  • Pets participating in shows held within the Rating System;
  • Pets of registered users of the website www.top-cat.org
  • Owners of pets participating in the Rating;
  • Clubs, where pets participating in the Rating are registered;
  • Catteries, where pets participating in the Rating are registered.

Points for any title awarded to a participant of a show held within the Rating form the result of the Rating.
Shows in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countrie are currently held within the Rating.

The participants score points during the current calendar year.
At the beginning of the next calendar year TopCat Rating results for the previous year are announced, and the best pets, breeders, catteries and clubs are determined.

The results are publicly announced and the winners are awarded their prizes at annual final shows held within the TopCat Rating System in Russia and countries of the world..

How can I become a participant?

The TopCat Rating System is open. Any breeder, his/her pets, cattery or club may participate in it.

All the pets participating in shows held within the Rating Systems become participants of the TopCat Rating. Moreover, catteries and clubs, where such pets are registered, are automatically included in the Rating database and are taken into account while determining the results.
More than that, all the pets of registered users of the website www.top-cat.org take part in the Rating.

Therefore, in order to participate in the TopCat Rating, one should get registered on the website www.top-cat.org or take part in a show held within the Rating.

Please, note
that in order for the points to be scored correctly, you should indicate full and complete contact data, including your mobile phone number, while filing an application for participation using any other means except for the website www.top-cat.org (i.e. in writing or via e-mail).

Please, note
that a pet's name indicated in an application and a name indicated in a breeding record should be the same, in order to ensure that the points will be scored to your pet.

How does it work?

TopCat Rating monitors all the important shows.
In order to do this,representatives of the Rating administration attend the showsshows, or show organizers submit show results to the Rating administration..

Moreover, TopCat website provides organizers with an Internet resource allowing them to control each show stage in accordance with the European judging system (the possibility to hold rings of various formats):

  • Arrangement of a show;
  • Acceptance/filing of applications on the Internet;
  • Execution of a show catalogue;
  • Registration of participants;
  • Expertise;
  • Creation of all show types;
  • Awarding of titles to winners;
  • Announcement of show results.

All the required forms and protocols are executed for each stage.

The results of the shows held with the help of the above Internet resource are automatically accounted in the TopCat Rating.


See more information on holding of shows using the TopCat platform.