Cats Like Flowers

An artist who combines plants and animals

Quite a bit remains until the beginning of spring and March 1 - the All-Russian Day of Cats. It's time to dream about sun rays, a clear high sky and lark's songs. And about flowers.

Is it possible to combine flowers and our favorite cats?

Of course yes, the Japanese artist Hiroki Takeda is sure about this. He draws cats and flowers - more precisely, cats made of flowers.

One cannot confuse the watercolors of this master. His style is unique, his technique is amazing: weaving flowers, leaves and plant stems into bizarre patterns, he creates his own fantasy world inhabited by beautiful cats and kittens.

However, not only cats: the artist also paints dogs, owls, elephants, sheep and even snakes.

Of course, we are primarily interested in his cats. They are delightful.

Flowers have surrounded Hiroki since his childhood: his mother adores them, so the house and garden of the Takeda family has always been filled with flowers. And once the artist saw... images of animals. Well, or vice versa: “Once I saw in my head a picture of an animal, with its fur looking like a plant” the maestro says. “The idea of combining watercolor with plants and animals seemed very natural to me.”

Then there was an art college, where the young painter studied from the famous master Goro Sasaki. It was then when Hiroki became interested in watercolor to tell the world about the Land of the Rising Sun and its amazing culture. His focus was on the traditional Japanese art of bonsai - growing trees that are exactly like the real ones, but tiny.

Maybe this is how the unique style of Hiroki Takeda was born?

By the way, not a single cat (as well as not a single dog, sheep or rabbit) was harmed in the creation of his amazing paintings. The artist simply buys high-quality pictures of animals on photo stocks on the Internet, and creates his bright but delicate images.

Let's admire them, too. After all, not so much time is left until spring (and, therefore, the All-Russian Day of Cats)...