HungaroCat Magyar Orszagos Egyesület

Budapest, Hungary, Allomas u.21 III. 12., H-1102
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Dobi Ilona
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Our association was established on the 19th June, 2011 and registered by the Capital Court on 18th September, 2011. Currently, we have more than 100 members and we have registered 15 different breeds and 28 catteries, also registered by WCF. Since the association was established, we have had 10 World Champions/Premiors, 3 World Masters and some Master and Double Master cats. Our operation covers the whole territory of Hungary, our pedigree registration is managed under strict rules, and our exhibitions are organized in strict adherence to the WCF Show Rules. So far, 7 international exhibitions, 1 WCF World Cat Show and 1 Jubilee Show were organized by our association. We work closely with the FAMKAT association and its president, Erika László, who is a regularly invited judge of our exhibitions. We have created the so-called HungaroCup award, which the most beautiful cat of the two days of our show will win, regardless of breed, age and sex, however, the nomination is subject to the cat’s participation in the show on both days and/or winning a Best in Show, or first place in any WCF Ring. Our goals: protection of household cats and purebred cats, providing the knowledge and material conditions which serve the maintenance of registered breeds necessary for breeding aiming at the improvement of breeds, as well as to spread the knowledge about civilized cat keeping. Our plans: organizing two international exhibitions a year, participating in WCF Shows, helping and educating the catteries registered by WCF, which are also registered by our association, and training of judges.

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