There is Such a Profession – to Make People Happy

A businesscat from Perm earns more than some people

He has paws, but he knows how to work. Not only to work, but to make money! And very good money: the average monthly salary of Barsik the cat from Perm is 40-50 thousand rubles a month. Not bad, isn't it?

What kind of work allows to earn such money? It's simple: just being a cat. A cute, handsome, well-mannered and intelligent cat, who makes people happy with the very fact of his existence. He allows to be stroked, but not for free, for 200 rubles. A photo or selfie with Barsik costs the same. He can also work as a “cat for an hour”, why not? Everyone would agree to do this for 2500 rubles. It’s a secret, but we’ll tell you: the service of a cool cat father will cost a female cat 10 thousand rubles. And the full price list for the cat's services you may find here ↓↓↓

The cat currently occupies two managerial positions: in a coffee shop and in a gift shop. He pays rent and salaries to his employees, and the remaining money goes directly to the businesscat. So the cat works not for food, but for real money! Yes, yes, for those very 40-50 thousand a month - enough for expensive hypoallergenic food, for red fish, and for veal. It is also enough for vitamins, as well as for a business-class taxi: such a wealthy gentleman would not walk for himself.

Barsik's business career began a long time ago: back in 2016, he was accepted into a construction company, where he worked as the company's face, that is, the company's muzzle. The builders, not devoid of a sense of humor and creativity, decided that such a charming colleague would be the best advertisement. The employee with a gray-and-white muzzle had the most feline duties: he was the first to enter new apartments, thereby providing a happy start for the new settlers. At that time Barsik earned 400,000 rubles a year, and he generously shared this salary with cats living in shelters for homeless animals. So noble!

And although this contract ended, the entrepreneur cat did not want to lounge about. He started his own business. Of course, not without the help of his owner, Vasily Kuchumov, a journalist, but we know who is the real director there!

No wonder that he was a candidate for the title of the main cat of the country. He even took part in a TV show on Channel One, with Sergey Shnurov.

Barsik is no stranger to the social life of his native city. So, on December 31, 2022, he arranged a chic promotion campaign for his fellow countrymen: on the New Year's Eve, every passenger of suburban Perm electric trains could win a free ticket from the cat. To do this, it was necessary to dress up as a cat or a rabbit, because according to the eastern horoscope, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit (in China) or the Cat (in Vietnam). Could Barsik have done otherwise? Of course not, because now he is the official symbol of Perm's electric trains.

Still working for food? Follow the cat's example!