Porcelain and Cats for Pleasure

Let us introduce to you the unusual "portraits" of cats by artist Tatiana Khazova

Cats are meant to be admired, aren't they? Indeed, even people who are engaged in completely different things in their lives cannot resist this unearthly beauty. For example, Tatiana Khazova is a master of porcelain painting. That very Gzhel porcelain, which is known all over the world.

Tatiana Vasilievna is a hereditary artist, and she lives in Gzhel, a village in the Moscow region, where the porcelain beauty comes from. But porcelain is just a profession, though infinitely beloved. Mrs. Khazova is involved in another art direction chosen solely for the sake of her beloved hobby – cats.

She paints them in watercolor and tempera.

He paints not just beautifully: each feline "portrait" demonstrates the hand of the Master and the special style of Tatiana Khazova.

Her cats are fluffy, beautiful and even luxurious. And they pose against the background of fabulous landscapes. Of course, it is more appropriate to recall the winter now

but there are no bad seasons for Tatiana Vasilievna. Cats live with us every day, and we do not get tired of admiring their beauty at any time of the year.

They say, every day is not Sunday. Well, not for cats. Cats shown in the paintings by the amazing Gzhel artist always resemble a holiday. This work is called "Maslenitsa".

Experts say that Khazova has a special trait: the background of her works is always worked out to the smallest detail, and this makes her paintings resemble... the masterpieces of Peter Brueghel. Just think.

But even this is not the main thing. The main thing in these fabulous paintings is Love. It is no coincidence that Tatiana painted her own portrait with a cat…

Do you like Tatiana Khazova's cats?