Cat's Toys

Favourite toys of our cats

Cats sleep 12-16, or even 18 hours a day. What do they do the rest of the time? Well, in addition to their tours on a bowl of food and contemplation of the world from the windowsill or, for example, from the wardrobe? Many cat owners will answer: they run around the house like crazy and climb wherever they can.

Indeed, cats are mostly active, playful and able to entertain themselves in any, sometimes quite simple way. For example, they can spend hours chasing dust particles in a beam of light or playing football with a cotton swab (which may be unsafe, by the way).

But not all the cats are so temperamental; some need an incentive to activity, because movement strengthens health. And in general, as you know, movement is life. However, such games are not only useful for the animal, but also extremely fascinating for the owner :). So what gadgets will help you in playing with your cat?

Laser pointer. Are you so tired at work that you just can't play with your pet, but it urgently requires communication? Take a universal toy in our hands – a laser pointer, and ... actually, that's it. You quietly sit on a sofa, and the cat runs back and forth and makes jumps into the stratosphere. Such a pointer, by the way, is quite cheap.

Cat's parkour. Of course, this is not a laser pointer and entails much more expenses, and also requires time for installation. But this is only once that you need to spend money on a system of all those columns, ladders, planks, houses and other objects that are attractive to the cat, which are installed on a wall as high as possible, after which it will serve for a long time. The cat will be just happy to climb on its personal parkour playground, and will not need you as a companion. The cat climbs; you rest; everyone is happy.

Cat teaser. It is sold in any pet store or pet products department. However, you can make such a gadget yourself: just take a wand, a string and a feather and connect it all together. Instead of a feather, by the way, it is quite possible to use a candy wrapper or even a bow made of ordinary paper. It perfectly copes with the task of awakening hunting instincts in your pet.

Wind-up toys. They serve the same purpose: they wake up a beast in the cat. Again, a minimum of effort is required from you: get a mouse and enjoy the spectacle of cat hunting.

Ordinary toys. Ordinary mice, balls and other small things that do not need to be wound-up: cats like them anyway, because they can be touched with a paw, chased on the floor, taken with the teeth – who knows what else will come to the cat's mind? And if there is some delicious-smelling grass inside such a toy: melissa, lemongrass, and best of all catnip – the cat just won't part with it.

Small balls. Cats are avid football players, aren't they? Perhaps even Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi would envy their willingness to drive the ball for hours. It is only important that the cat likes the ball and it is of the right size: a too small ball be can accidentally swallowed by the animal, and it is inconvenient to carry too big balls in teeth, which is one of the most important feints of cat football.

Paper bag or box. Just believe! It's worth it! Often cats literally fall in love with an ordinary bag or an equally ordinary cardboard box. Just give your pet a bag brought from the nearest store to be torn to pieces. "My precious!" the cat would say if it could speak. And it's free, by the way.

Robot vacuum cleaner. Of course, is no longer a cheap option, but, as one might say, VIP entertainment. Of course, you are unlikely to buy an expensive gadget for the sake of cat rides, but if you already have such a vacuum cleaner in your house, your cat has personal transport. The scene of a cat riding on a robot vacuum cleaner is amazing.

And what do your cats play with?