Glance Full of Love

Why do cats look at us while we are sleeping?

What (or who) do you see first when you wake up? Surely, it is your cat! Is not it? Every cat owner has faced such a situation: when we open our eyes, we see our pet, who is just staring at the owner with his/her green/honey/blue/multicolored eyes. Moreover, this can happen anytime: in the early morning and in the afternoon (well, may be you have a siesta), and even, for example, at three o'clock in the morning – the cat is sitting and watching, intently and a little mystically. Sometimes the cat does not just look, but also meows and even touches your face with a paw. Why does your cat do this? There are several reasons.

The first one - the cat wants to wake you up. What for? This is another question: maybe the cat is hungry, or maybe he/she just misses you and wants to play with you immediately. The cat probably thinks that the beloved owner, even through a dream, will feel this unwavering gaze and open, damn it, his eyes. And feed. After all, the owner must understand that three o'clock in the morning is the very time to have a snack?!

The second reason: the cat has insomnia. What do you do when you can't sleep? Do you look at the ceiling? Do you count sheep? Do you pick up the phone and start scrolling the news? So, all this is not available to the cat: it does not even know about existence of any sheep (unless, of course, it is a farmer's cat); it does not know how to count; it does not have a phone, and therefore it does not have friends in social networks. Only the ceiling remains, but what has not it seen there? It's much more interesting to look at the owner. So sleep calmly: the cat is just having fun.

The third reason: the cat protects you. All cats try to control the territory – as they say, it has developed historically. And you are on the territory. Have you seriously thought that your cat lives in your house? The cat believes just the opposite; this is you who live with the cat. Therefore, you also need to be controlled. And since the cat still considers you his/her Person *, the cat protects you quietly, so as not to disturb your sleep. Te cat just sits and watches. But be sure: in case of a sudden attack by enemies, the cat will still be able to protect you with his/her best! After all, the cat has claws…

Fourth. The cat is waiting. Cats are very smart (you know that), and they perfectly feel the time. Have you noticed that your pet is always waiting at the door when you return from work? The cat just knows that you always come back, for example, at 19:30. The same is with sleeping: the cat knows when you usually wake up; the cat is a kind of natural alarm. But seriously, the cat most likely follows the call of the stomach: he/she is used to the fact that for a real cat owner, any morning does not begin with coffee. It begins, of course, with a cat bowl.

The fifth (and main) reason: the cat just loves you. That's why the cat looks at you full of love…

* Some people say that cats consider people as their younger brothers, a little silly, but, in general, cute ones.