Home Alone

What does your cat do while you're at work?

Cats are independent animals. But what do they do when they don't walk, but, on the contrary, stay at home in proud solitude? Do you think they miss you? Or maybe they repeat the exploits of the mischievous Max, the one who was left "home alone"? American scientists conducted a study and compiled the top 5 favorite activities of our cats when they spend time without you.


A well–known fact: cats are great lovers of sleeping. Not just lovers – they are the real professionals! Sleep 18 hours a day? Easy! But this is by no means laziness or lack of imagination. This behavior is dictated by instincts that have developed in cats for thousands of years: the better the beast rests, the more successful his hunt will be. So everything is serious, or you thought cats sleep because they are lazy and do not know how to entertain themselves? No: as soon as you are out the door, your cat immediately begins to prepare for the upcoming hunt. That is, it go to sleep.

Playing a hunter

However, it is still impossible to sleep forever, sooner or later much energy accumulates in the cat so that sleeping becomes simply useless. What should it do now? We have already said: after a good rest, the cat needs to go hunting. Yes, but mice (knock on wood) can't be found in a decent house, and hamsters and canaries are safely hidden in their cages. No matter! A good cat will always find someone (or something) to hunt. For example, dust fluttering in a ray of light or sunbeams from mirrors? After all, any (well, almost any) cat has its own tail! Or a classic option – toys. Only these must be special cat toys, otherwise your own slippers or, for example, your favorite indoor plants can easily become objects of hunting.

Sitting at a window

Another activity attracting your cat for hours long. Of course, the scene touching, but sometimes, doing so, it may seem that the pet shows sadness in anticipation of its owner's return. What is there to say? Humans are overconfident: cats are not bored at all – they study the world around them. By nature, these animals are extremely inquisitive, and they really like to watch everything that happens outside the windows. For you a passing car is just a passing car, and for your cat this is a full-fledged show "Behind the Glass"! They especially like to follow flying birds, for which they even have a special facial, oh, muzzle's, expression, and a specific teeth snapping.

Messing around (or not)

That is, they jolly and enthusiastically do what is strictly forbidden in the owner's presence. Sitting on tables and lying on a stack of freshly ironed laundry, scratching furniture and violently tearing wallpaper – you can continue the list yourself. Moreover, cats are ready to do bad things enthusiastically and even selflessly. Well, how else, since no one sees, there is no one to scold – freedom! However, hooligan behavior, as a rule, is characteristic of impudent and not too well-mannered cats. If they don't behave so in your presence, why would they behave differently when left alone? There are other cool entertainments (see above).

Doing nothing

Hanging around from corner to corner around the house, crunching the food which you filled (we hope so) the bowl with before leaving, visiting the tray as needed and just lying around – these are also good leisure. But in fact, this is what is called "doing nothing." However, you can get bored from such a life, and then…

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