Cat's Happiness

And really, what is it?

Of course, all the cats are individuals and loners; no wonder they say that a cat always walks by itself. Each cat really has its own character, its own tastes, characteristics and preferences. Probably, each cat has its own happiness, its own, separate and unique. And yet there are immutable things in the world that make literally every cat happy.

Opportunity to sleep peacefully

Everyone knows that you must not wake up your cat; there is even a legend that Prophet Mohammed once cut off the floor of his robe so as not to disturb the cat that fell asleep on it. In fact, cats are great masters of sleeping, but not at all because they are lazy: this is how they restore the nervous system. If a cat is suddenly awakened, it will be in a stressful state of mind and irritated. A well-rested cat is calm and affectionate.

Ability to see the world

Do you think cats like to sit on the windowsill solely to please us with the beauty of such a scene? Well, actually, yes, because a "cat on the window" is not even a meme, but something absolutely legendary. However, sitting in front of the glass, cats pursue a slightly different goal: they look at the world. Because the world is interesting, and there is so much going on outside the window! People are walking, cars are scurrying, birds are fluttering, or a neighbor's cat is running. Well, there are just a lot of impressions that cats simply cannot live without, and if you deprive them of this opportunity, they will become capricious and even may play a dirty trick. If you don't want surprises in sneakers, don't restrict your cat's access to the window!

Ability to sharpen claws

Have you noticed how selflessly cats scratch everything that can be scratched? Good of you is you have installed a scratching post or a special tree, but many cats enjoy scratching wallpaper, furniture, curtains, etc. Well, yes, it's unpleasant, well, yes, it causes material damage to you, but understand: it's NECESSARY for a cat! The cat not only removes dead cells from its claws, but also relieves stress, anger and excess energy – in a word, maintains physical fitness. And doing this, they mark the territory (for this purpose there is a special secret on the pads of the paws) to show who is the real owner here. However, torn wallpaper and sofas are, of course, not a very joyful moment of the relationship between the cat and the person. So what to do? Just go to the nearest pet store for a good scratching post. You will do anything for the happiness of your beloved cat.

Ability to play with water

Yes, water is a game for cats. Some like touching the liquid surface with a paw, creating a wave, others love watching a trickle from the tap. Contemplating the glitter, movement and noise of the water, the cats "recall" that they are hunters by nature, so the water awakens their hunting instinct. And even if, for a domestic cat, hunting ends with a brutal attack on a bowl of food, playing with water still turns into a real pleasure. So pour your pet fresh water or open the faucet. And it's better to buy a special fountain with a cleaning filter, because water is not only a toy, but also a drink, and it is important for everyone.

Ability to lie on the owner's clothes

Admit, it is this habit of your cat that you hate most if all? But in vain. Black wool on your favorite snow-white turtleneck or white wool on a freshly washed black sweater is nothing compared to what your cat feels when it sleeps on it owner's things. It feels calm, cozy and safe. The thing is that the smell of the beloved owner mixes with the cat's own, and this attracts and soothes the cat. It feels like not just a beautiful "toy" in the house, but a real, full-fledged member of the family. But if you still can't stand wool on your clothes, there is a way out: just don't forget to close the closet door. But we would still leave a couple of things on the surface accessible to the pet.

For the sake of the cat's happiness!