Cat's Dream Book: for Sorrow or for Joy?

So why do cats come in our dreams?

Do you believe dreams and dream books? Our ancestors could not live a day without checking the "list" of signs that this or that dream promises. It seems that we, as modern people, should not succumb to superstitions, but even today there are many people who, in the morning, immediately after waking up, are ready to surf the Internet in search of an answer to the question: "Why did I dream about it?"

For example, why do cats come in our dreams? Strangely enough, not everyone considers the appearance of a cute cat in their own dream to be a good sign. Some even claim that cats mean cunning, that they come in a dream as a sign of scandals, conflicts, infidelity and shame! Let's leave such radical judgments to these strange people (probably they just don't like cats!).

Black Cat

Black cats, as you know, were considered accomplices of witches and were massively destroyed in the Middle Ages. Fortunately, these dark times have long passed, but there are people who still believe, for example, that a night-black cat running across your road promises failures and the collapse of plans for you. And, imagine, not only in reality, but even in a dream! Moreover, dreamed black cats, as a dream book says, indicate that you have a secret enemy or rival who only dreams of harming you, your career or family relationships.

White Cat

Dream books propose a little more favorable idea about white cats. But not in full... on the one hand, to see a white cat in a dream means a good change, on the other – the appearance (or presence) of the same ill–wisher. What is to be more accurate? We advise you to pay attention to the condition of the wool: if it is clean and beautiful, it means good luck and well–being; if it is dirty and tangled, it promises business troubles. By the way, do you know how to pay attention to various details in your dreams?

Grey Cat

They say, a gray cat symbolizes gray everyday life. In other words, a feeling of oppression, burnout, fatigue, emotional exhaustion. Well, or simply a joyless existence. It seems logical, but we can't believe that our beloved cats can be associated with such negative emotions.

Tricolor Cat

There is such a sign: if a tricolor cat appeares in a house, happiness will settle in the house. In reality. But in a dream, everything is not so rosy: such cats are dreamt of as a sign of a rival in love or a competitor at work, even if you considered this person your friend.

Red Cat

Everything is very strange and illogical there: from betrayal of a loved one, health problems or difficulties that require an immediate solution to... pregnancy. So they write: if a woman dreams that she was scratched by a red cat, it means that she will soon become a mother – the woman, not the cat; dream books do not say anything about the cat's pregnancy.

You were scratched by a cat

If you are not pregnant (for example, because you are a man) and you dream that a cat is scratching you – be ready for troubles. Slander, injustice – that's what such a dream promises. But do not get upset, just try to be more careful not only in actions, but also in words. And don't be afraid of anything: we warned you, and warned means armed.

Playing Cat

And yet, some dreams associated with cats promise something kind and positive. For example, to see a cat playing in a dream means peace and well-being in life. If you see a cat peacefully dozing in the sun – relax and just enjoy life. Like that very cat dozing in the sun.

You are playing with a cat

This is worse – such a dream promises infidelity or betrayal. However, it is not specified who, in fact, will turn out to be a traitor: may be, it will be you. Se la vie, as they say.

Pregnant Cat

They write this means a big surprise: appearance of a new person in the house. There are a lot of options: from birth of a child (can it happen unexpectedly?) to marriage/marriage of your children. Or a light option – unexpected arrival of close relatives.

Cat with Kittens

Kittens always look extremely cute, but dream books refute this sweetness. They say, this leads to problems with your own children. The more kittens and the darker they are, the more troubles and misunderstandings there will be. However, authors of the dream books stipulate, these will be just minor problems.


For some reason, kittens without a cat mean a much more favorable situation: material income or career growth. However, it is important to dream of healthy, cheerful, playful kittens, otherwise – no money, no promotion. If a woman sees one white and fluffy kitten, then the lady will soon be disappointed in her man.

Feeding a Cat

If you feed cats in a dream, in reality you will soon have to help or support someone - "feed", figuratively speaking. Whether it's a pleasant dream or not is up to you.

Have you read it? Rememberred? Now forget it. We declare with full responsibility that such beautiful living creatures as cats simply cannot promise anything bad. Just because they are cats! And dream books… Well, dream books: they are composed by people, and people, as you know, tend to be mistaken.

If only cats wrote them…