I/We are the Cats on Heat!

Today is the Cats Day in Russia

Despite all the terrible news, spring is still coming. The best time of the year is already ready to give us new hopes for the best and delight us with drops, sunshine and the first snowdrops. All these are the main symbols of spring. But there is an even more important one! Of course, it's them, our beloved cats, who are now starting to sing their March songs.

This holiday was organized by the Moscow Cat Museum and the editors of the Cat and Dog magazine and newspaper in 2004. That is, we have been congratulating our pets on their “professional holiday” for almost 20 years.

And all because we love them madly. It is known that Russians love cats more than anyone else in the world.

We even have special superstitious beliefs related to the cats. Indeed, there are such all over the world, and here are just a few of them:

• You can not offend cats, otherwise it can turn into trouble for you.

• Cats are very good at feeling human energy.

• It is not advised to gaze at pets, as animals perceive this as a threat and aggression, and, according to the owners, they may react inadequately.

• It is also not recommended to kiss a cat on the nose. It is believed that when the lips of a person contact the nose of an animal, energy leaves the person.

• Many nations believe that cats protect the house from negativity and evil. Therefore, in Russia it has long been believed that before entering a new home, it is necessary to let a cat go at first.

• The animal's behavior often served as a weather prediction: if a cat sleeps, hiding behind its tail and hiding its muzzle in its paws, it will be cold, and if it “combs” against the wool, it will rain; if a cat meows loudly at night, then the bad weather will last for several days; if it sneezes three times - the owner will catch a cold or it will rain.

• It is considered a good sign for the bride if a cat sneezes next to her - the marriage promises to be successful, the husband loving and kind, the marriage happy for many years.

• The Slavs had a custom: a newborn could not be placed in a cradle until the cat sits there. It was believed that after that the baby would sleep peacefully, and would not have bad dreams.

• People believe that a house where a black cat lives is protected from robbers, and a three-haired cat protects the home from fire.

We are ready to spend every free minute with cats. Or even all days long!

That is why we came up with a special holiday for them. Or maybe it's because we ourselves are cats on heat in spring? :)