Business for Real Men

Not only girls love cats

"Crazy cat lady" - have you heard such an expression? And what about a "crazy cat man"?

That's it. It is believed that loving cats is a woman's business. Well, still, all that tenderness and affection are characteristic of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, while brutal men prefer brutal animals. Large and formidable dogs or horses, for example. But…

As if! Love for cats knows no age or gender boundaries. Men, even if they look veeery harsh, also adore cats.

Trust me.

And if you don’t believe us, then listen to photographer David Williams: he’s a man, and he knows all of their male secrets. Including about cats!

He took a whole series of photographs entitled "Men & Cats".

«Men & Cats».

“I wanted to show that regardless of their gender, many people find joy in being with a cat,” David said in an interview with Time Out NY magazine.

David is from Denver, 10 years ago he graduated from the art institute of Colorado. In his student years, he began to work on his cat project.

Probably because in his life there is also a place for love for cats! And, of course, because loving cats is a business for real men!