Dreaming of a Dog? Get a Cat!

Yes, the CatDog exists

They say that a cat is able to learn 120 commands and fulfill them no worse than any of the smartest dogs. It just doesn't want to. If it wants, it does, as, for example, the well-known Russian cat named Persik. Resembles a dog, does not it?

If we speak seriously, there are cat breeds that are often referred to as dog cats. They are smart, trainable, and most importantly - very loyal to their people just like dogs. If we make a rating of such "CatDogs", the first place will be taken by the Oriental short-haired cats. The Orientals are extremely affectionate, some even call them annoying (no). In fact, these cats are very bored alone, and when the owner returns home, they are ready to be with him/her relentlessly, risking being accused of "getting underfoot". They love meaningful games, and even bringing a ball to the owner is as easy as shelling peas for them.

Ragdoll. Perhaps this breed could also compete for the first place in our rating. As you know, the name of this breed means a "rag doll" - and all because of the reduced muscle tone, thanks to which the Ragdolls have asuper ability to relax as much as possible and literally "hang" on the owner. They are very affectionate, gullible, love people and take it hard to endure loneliness. And they love not only to follow a person (like a dog on a leash), but also to ride him/her.

Maine Coon. These cats do not carry balls and are not ready to follow commands, like others. They have very different qualities in common with dogs - guarding ones. Every self-respecting Maine Coon considers itself obliged to control everything that happens on its territory, and this quality is so developed that these cats feel strangers, as they say, a mile away. And they not only feel, but also know how to warn of the approach of danger with their restless meows.

Abyssinian Cat. Among hundreds of cat breeds, it is difficult to find a more “feline” appearance: the Abyssinians have an absolutely classic appearance: even the famous images of cats from ancient Egyptian frescoes most of all resemble this particular breed. At the same time, they are called "dog cats" - for their friendliness and playfulness. They just don't wag their tail...

Sphynxes - Canadian, Don and Peterbalds - these are the breeds that are united not only by the absence of hair, but also by a dog-like character. These are real companion animals who are ready to follow their owner like a tail all day long. Like dogs, these cats suffer without human society.

Manx Cat. These tailless beauties are infinitely loyal to their owners and just as infinitely sociable. They are also excellent guards and get along well with children, even the smallest ones. Perhaps due to the fact that they do not have a tail, with which harmful babies can carry them around (just kidding).

Yes, dog owners sometimes say about some kind of delicacy and excessive independence of cats - they say, no cat can compare with a dog. Do you think so as well? You just haven't seen our CatDogs! Now you see...