Catism Style

Have you seen Irina Zenyuk's blue cats yet? Urgently view them all!

No, this is not the Navi tribe from the famous Avatar blockbuster, they are just cats. The most common, just blue ones. And they usually behave like cats or like... people.

They are having fun


Love very much

Singing serenades to their beloved

And give flowers

Help their minor brothers

Travel to the CATcapital

Admire skater...

Well, now you, of course, remember "do sell the fish" and "beautiful...", right?

And this also, frankly speaking, suits the situation...

Honestly, we do not know why Irina Zenyuk (or Rina Z, as she calls herself on VKontakte and Instagram) draws her characters in blue. We think this is simple: these adorable cats look incredibly positive and guarantee a great mood to everyone who sees them.

However, Irina's cats are not only blue, she also loves red ones. They are cats, and it's right there in the name.

The artist defines the genre and style in which she works as "catism". Although she is known not only as a cat artist, but also as an illustrator of children's books that can be found in various countries. But cats are her main love.

And there are never many of them!