Books about Cats

An excellent summer selection of books about your favorite cats

The time of summer vacations is not only the sea, the beach and distant countries, especially it is better to postpone all those entertainments this year. But getting up with your feet in a country hammock or rocking chair and picking up a new book is not only pleasant, healthy, but also safe for health. Especially if it is a new book about cats, which, as everyone knows, improve mood, creating a reliable barrier to any viruses. So…

Davide Cali. I Hate My Cats (A Love Story).

Honestly, there is not much to read in this book, but you can endlessly flip through these cute pages. Fred the cat, who loves to sleep on his owner's sweaters (of course, white ones) and many other entertaining (and sometimes not so entertaining) stories, which would be familiar to every cat owner. “Life with cats is sometimes unbearable, but it’s impossible to live without them,” as the author Davide Cali and the artist Anna Pyrolli, who decorated the book with wonderful illustrations, tell us. A perfect read for a relaxed summer day.

Herbie Brennan. The Mysterious World of Cats: Mythology, History and Science of the Supernatural Abilities of the Most Independent Pet.

Why is a cat the most popular pet in the world? Why do we humans love our cats so much? Despite the fact that cats have lived next to us for more than one millennium, the history of our relationship is still full of questions and mysteries. The renowned Irish writer Herbie Brennan, who has written over a hundred books for children and adults, invites you to turn to myths, legends, folklore, stories that have been passed from generation to generation, and even science, to find some clues. Together with him, we will consider many strange, little-studied facts and will not be afraid to put forward bold hypotheses. Fascinatingly? Very…

Nia Gould. A History of Art in 21 Cats.

Cats mean art, no one doubted, right? The cats were painted by Picasso and Monet, by the way. And now cats will teach us... to understand art - just think! 21 cats await us on the pages of this amazing guide to painting styles, each of which will tell you about a different period - from surrealism to cubism, from abstract expressionism to Egyptian art. Easy story style, hand-drawn illustrations and, of course, many, many cats... Nice and useful!

Gregory the Servant. Days of Savely.

“The Days of Savely” is “a declaration of love to my native city and a tribute to the memory of the feline creatures dear to me” - this is how this undoubted bestseller is announced by its author. An incredibly touching and witty story of a cat who was born on the street and could end his life under the wheels of a car, for example. But the fate of the most ordinary street cat does not prevent Savely from being a real sage, a great original and an attentive observer. The book is about life, about you and me. And about cats, of course.

Hiro Arikawa. The Travelling Cat Chronicles

A touching story of friendship between a cat with the "lucky" name Nana, which means "seven" in Japanese, and its owner Satoru. At the same time, this is a journey novel, in which the heroes move both in space and in time: Nana discovers the vast expanses of the sea and the beauty of Mount Fuji, and Satoru seems to relive the events of his childhood and adolescence. Have you dreamed of traveling this summer, but failed? The story of a travelling cat will help you.

Stephen King (and others). Twists of the Tail.

Well, how can one do without infernal cats in this collection? After all, many associate the feline essence with otherworldly forces and endow our beloved cats with supernatural (and unkind) abilities... This unusual collection combines twenty-four storytellers (including the unsurpassed master of horror Stephen King), who look into the mysterious eyes of the most ordinary cat and see a frightening, unreal and grotesque reflection. From bird prints on your doorstep to screams in the night, from tail to claws - you will find out who they really are. If you dare.

Bernard Werber. Tomorrow The Cats.

An unusual story of two cats that live in France: Bastet, who dreams of understanding people and learning to communicate with them, and Pythagoras, a laboratory cat. He has a USB connector on the top of his head that allows him to connect to a computer and thus gain knowledge of the world. Bastet and Pythagoras want to save humanity from vices and oppose the spiritual nature of cats to aggression of human beings. Very relevant topic, is not it?

Tamara Kryukova. Diary of Coto Sapiens.

In fact, the book was written not by a person. By whom? Well, of course, by the cat, who else? A reasonable cat named Barsik was keeping a diary of cat's life observations for a long time and finally decided to publish it. And Tamara Kryukova simply translated this unique diaries into human language, and if she did not quite succeed in some places - what do you expect? She is just a writer, and the main characters of this world are cats. Everyone knows about it.

Stéphane Garnier. How to Live Like Your Cat.

And this is probably the main book of today's collection. It talks about how cool it is to be a cat: not to worry, not to worry about any nonsense (like being overweight or lack of money), but just live. How cats do: they just live, they just sleep, they just meow, they just savor every moment. And they succeed. And therefore, we will succeed. Maybe we can try, huh?