Dream House for a Cat

You can do anything for love - to cats and not only to cats

It was love at first sight. Derek Roche no longer remembers that he didn’t really want a cat in his house. “One girl is enough for me,” the young man thought, but his beloved thought differently: she dreamed of a kitten. They say that Gods guard women's desires, and this is true: one fine day, the couple took a black kitty named Jelly from a cattery. It was then that Derek had his love at first sight.

How does a real man express his feelings? That's right, with his actions. Taking the kitten out for a walk in the yard, Derek noticed how much pleasure it gave the kitty to stay in the fresh air. And then he decided to equip Jelly with her own walking area.

And then there appeared more cats (and love, respectively) in the house: young people took two more pets from the same cattery. Now there were three cats: Jelly, Smudge and Penny - and the question of creating a cat's space became even more urgent.

The foster parents decided to build a multi-level house for their cat family, where there would be many places for both quiet and active recreation. For Derek, it was rather a hard task: he had never built a cat house in his life. And in general he had built no houses. “There were a lot of details to consider,” the young man recalls, “and I learned on the site. Jelly came to the construction site every day, and analyzing her reaction I knew where to make a place to sit and where to climb. I let her choose where to make a bridge, doors, and so on. I told people that Jelly became not only my muse, but also a foreman and a design engineer".

The construction lasted for a year, because the guy had to work. But, judging by the cats' reaction, the result exceeded all their expectations: they instantly mastered the new space.

The cats have at their disposal numerous levels with labyrinths, stairs and beds, where the whole trinity can sunbathe. Trays, bowls for food and water are installed at all levels of the cathouse. They can stay here around the clock. And they stay - it is obvious that they really like it.

The "cat's house" is not connected with the people's one yet. But it will be: Derek plans to build a transition gallery so that the cats can walk freely wherever they want.

This simple, but very beautiful story proves once again: love rules the world. And cats.