With a Cat in the Lead Role


If cats were awarded an Oscar, cinema academicians would probably go crazy while choosing a winner of the main prize of the world cinema. Male, female cats and kittens look so natural on the screen that absolutely all of them deserve the "Best Cat Role Award". However, there is a real inimitable movie star even among them!

Her name is Lizzie, but, as supposed for a true movie star, she has a creative pseudonym - OwlKitty. Lizzie lives in Portland, Oregon, USA, and has already “starred” in many cinema masterpieces. For example, in Star Wars.

The cat's owners - Tibo Charroppin and Olivia Boone took her in 2017 from a cattery. And then they decided that the black beauty has a real talent! Tibo and Olivia take scenes from famous movies and insert shots with their favorite cat instead of actors. And she easily overplays anyone: even Keanu Reeves or John Travolta.

She has already appeared in "Friends",

in the "Ghost",

"The Lord of the Rings"

and even in "Dirty Dancing"!

Her screen name OwlKitty has quickly become a trademark: fans can purchase various items with OwlKitty's face, thus thanking Tibo and Olivia for their extraordinary work, and at the same time providing Lizzie with a variety of snacks. The furry actress has her own official website, Instagram and even her own Youtube channel!

On the New Year's Eve, OwlKitty starred in a new role: of course, it was the legendary comedy "Home Alone". And even this "short version" of the famous movie clearly demonstrated: if Kevin had stayed at home not alone, but with a cat, it would be much funnier!

Whatever character Lizzie plays, this is always the main role! Of course, the whole idea is just a joke. But think how the world cinema would change if, for example, the Witcher Geralt had a cat? Or Jon Snow...