Things Get Better with Cats

Cats are the engine of advertising

It has long been known that advertising is the trigger of commerce. And cats are the real trigger of advertising! Manufacturers, service providers, and in general everyone in the world have long understood: if cats participate in advertising, an increase in sales is guaranteed. It's just that everything immediately gets better with cats, doesn't it? On the Internet, you can find countless advertising posters of previous centuries featuring cats. There are so many of them that you can easily lose track of them. Just an example - the cover of the legendary Harper`s magazine. Dated 1896!

And this is an ad for Whiskas. The same Whiskas, only retro.

But the real boom in cat advertising began with the advent of video and especially YouTube. By 2011, more than a million videos with cats were posted on this video hosting! At that time the Canadian advertising company JohnSt came up with a humorous video about the allegedly first ever advertising agency that shoots only cats in commercials. Of course, there has been no such an agency in reality, but there has been a special term - catvertising - since the end of the twentieth century, meaning using the cats as the main characters of advertising.

And the cats do it, in a great way! They are great at, for example, advertising luxury cars.

And not only elite ones. "Inexpensive cars and with a bunch of all sorts of bells and whistles" are also worthy of their attention. The cats approve!

Catvertising is sometimes quite unexpected. What do hard drives have to do with it, you ask? Just take a look.

Well, yes, we cannot do without Natasha and her cats (or cats and their Natasha, to be more precise).

If a cat stars in a video, does it really matter what it advertises? Comments to this video confirm: "This is an advertisement for the cat, not ...", "Oscar to the cat!" By the way, this is a female cat, the 14-year-old British cat Dusya from the city of Kirov. And in life she is not at all evil, but very kind and friendly. Another proof that cats are the best actors!

Advertising creators know that cats are able to evoke feelings and emotions in a person like no one else. And they always "overact" people. Perhaps, even the magnificent Eva Longoria fades before this magnificent cat of the Russian Blue breed. Although she tried very hard.

You can talk about cats in advertising for hours. Moreover, watch these wonderful videos and posters, in which our favorites shine - talented, funny, and simply irreplaceable. Advertising worsens without a cat!