Cat's House

When cats are the main occupants in the house

However, they are always the main ones; any cat lover will say this for sure. Cats actually feel like the rightful owners of any space, indulgently allowing humans to feed, groom, and even pet them occasionally - of course, if we behave well.

Bob Walker and Frances Mooney, a couple from San Diego, California, USA, initially built (and equipped) their house for themselves. But then they thought it over and decided that it would be good for them only where it would be good for cats. In 1986, they began transforming their house to the benefit of cats.

For almost a quarter of a century, they have been persistently and purposefully creating a cozy, beautiful and bright "cat's house" - a shelter for their beloved "tails".

Cats live here all the time, no less than twelve at a time, and for the entire period there have been almost forty of them!

The entire house was redesigned for the convenience of cats: a floor-to-ceiling scratching post with pink sisal winding, numerous cat paths and shelves located on beams under the very ceiling.

What can you say here? Not a cat, but a "king of the hill"!

The house also has shelters for cats to hide

and generally feel like at home!