Cats on Batik


Everyone knows that if a person loves cats, he/she is a good person. But you and I know another thing: if an artist knows how (and loves) to paint cats - undoubtedly, he/she is a wonderful artist! All this can rightfully be said about Nadezhda Sokolova, who is called an unsurpassed master of cold batik. However, she not only paints on fabrics: Sokolova works in a variety of genres, from painting, graphics, lacquer miniatures, to hand-made dolls, and even icon painting and netsuke figurines. The world through her eyes is beautiful and diverse, and cats occupy a prominent place therein.

A little bit about the artist. Nadezhda was born in Germany, in Dresden, studied in Veliky Novgorod, where she lives now. She teaches in college and creates.

Her cats go on dates

Conquer the sea

Play music, these ramblers!

Catch fish - maybe a gold one?

Enjoy driving cars

And take care of maaany kids!

They work as couriers of joy - deliver flowers. To lovers, probably...

And how have you imagined Bulgakov's Cat Behemoth? Nadezhda shows it a little unexpectedly, but it is definitely Behemoth: see, it even has a picture with that very tram hanging on the wall... Well, you remember: Annushka, oil and all that.

Moreover, these magical and beautiful cats can come to you in a dream. Because where the cats are - there is magic...