Kitty, Let's Watch a Movie!

The first horror movie for cats has been released on the Internet

Do you like horror films as much as the creators of horror films like them? Even if you are not a fan of this genre, you will definitely want to see a movie called Scaredy Cat or, as it has already been called in Russian, Trusishka. Although we must warn you: this movie is not for you. It is for your cat.

The premiere of the world's first horror movie for cats took place on the Web on October 17, and, of course, it was timed to coincide with Halloween - the film is really scary! Scary for cats - so the authors of the movie assure. And why? There are two reasons: firstly, a team from Waltham Petcare Science participated in the creation of the movie, who helped to fill the 4-minute video with sounds perceived by our beloved pets. As conceived by the creators, this should both attract cats to watch the movie and impress them greatly.

But the main feline horror - as conceived by the authors - lies in the plot. We will not upset you with spoilers, just say that the plot is based on the famous legend that cats are afraid of... cucumbers.

You know this tale, don't you? Admit, you have also arranged cucumber trials for your cat! In fact, cats are not afraid of cucumbers: they would react similarly to another vegetable or fruit, which they would suddenly find near their bowl of food. For example, a banana. It's just that cats consider the "feeding zone" to be especially personal, their own space, so emergence of a foreign object therein is perceived as an invasion of their territory.

But this is in life, and in art, all kinds of fantasies are permissible! Therefore, the legend about cucumbers attacking a poor cat under cover of night, still deserve to be embodied in a movie. Oh, we cannot do without spoilers, forgive us... But your cat does not yet know what awaits it in the next four minutes, does it?

So take your pet in your arms, make yourself comfortable and watch a special cat movie. They say that all the cats in the world do it right now!