Reserved Cats

Keepers of the Kizhi Island

2020 has already been called one of the worst ones in history - including for travel lovers. The pandemic of the dangerous virus has closed entire countries and continents for us, but has opened up domestic tourism. Thousands of people have gone on trips around their native country and made an important discovery: there is definitely something to see in Russia! Including for those who cannot live without cats and whose photo archives have long been occupied by Turkish, Egyptian, Czech, Greek... and many other cats.

It's time to discover cats from the most iconic places of the Russian tourism. For example, Kizhi. Every schoolchild knows that this legendary museum-reserve in Karelia is famous for its wooden architecture. But that's not all: it turns out that Kizhi residents are very fond of cats!

They love people as well - simply by living and delighting local residents and guests with the very fact of their feline existence.

For example, this is the luxurious red beautiful Kesha, a world celebrity and a tailed symbol of the island. Innokenty lived here all his life. No one knows for sure how old he was, but definitely more than fifteen. He felt like a real master of these places: he hunted birds and mice, was glad to try a freshly caught fish from local fishermen, fought with foxes, ferrets and other wild predators. Kesha was not stray, or homeless, he was quite a domestic cat, and everyone on the island knew his owner Maria Petrovna. Then, when the cat was left alone, he became "common": the museum staff began to take care of him.

One fine day Kesha found a girlfriend - Ryaba the cat. By some unknown cat path, she found herself at the Petryakov's House, where the guides live. There she made friends with Kesha. The couple was constantly seen together: either on the balcony, or on the dock, or somewhere else.

When the red Kizhi keeper died in 2018, Ryaba remained the real mistress of the Pertyakov's House.

Well, Kesha has a successor. They say that this beautiful cat is a ruler of two villages and has two names. Here is such a magical cat! His "official" house is in the village of Vasilyevo, where the cat is called Casper. But as soon as the tourist season begins on the island, he goes to the other side and becomes... Abrikosy. In the reserve, everyone knows: if Abrikosy is lying in the sun, it is the harvest time...

Another legend of Kizhi - Letyaga, a well-fed white big cat, a lover to sit somewhere on the top. He gladly climbs there, but is bery lazy to go down in a usual feline way, so he flies from top to bottom, spreading his paws like a flying squirrel, for which he received his nickname. In this photo, there is a different cat, but the balcony is the same.

Such amazing cats can be seen if during your next vacation you go not to the Mediterranean or Aegean coast, but to the real Russian village. Many amazing discoveries await us there, of which we have not been aware before. Indeed, there must be something good even in a pandemic?

Cats, for example...