Were Stars before it Became the Mainstream

Top 5 most famous cats of the XX century

Nowadays, the names of star cats are known to everyone. Indeed, who does not know Colonel Meow, Grumpy Cat or Choupette, heiress of Karl Lagerfeld's millions? All these cats became famous largely thanks to social networks: their own instagram, thousands of subscribers, millions of likes... This was not always the case, nevertheless, some names of star cats have remained in history despite they did not have virtual fame. For example, here are some of them - the top 5 outstanding representatives of the glorious feline family that earned their popularity in the last century.

Humphrey, Britain's chief mouse-catcher. If cats were engaged in politics, this beautiful cat would definitely be recognized as a political long-liver. He worked tirelessly at the residence of the British government at 10 Downing Street for almost a decade, from 1988 to 1997. Over the long Humphrey's career, three prime ministers have changed in the country: Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair. It is known for certain that the latter's wife did not like Humphrey, and this almost cost her the reputation as a respectable lady. Mrs. Blair had to make excuses to her husband's voters, posing with a cat in her arms. One day, Humphrey almost fell under the wheels of Bill Clinton's car. No, the American president did not want to kill the titled English cat and thereby cause an international conflict - the cat just felt like the owner of the residence and ran wherever he wanted. Indeed, "Politicians change, but mice are eternal" - that was the motto of Sir Humphrey. Or could be.

The ship's cat Simon. No, this is not the Simon's cartoon cat (which, by the way, is also very famous), but a real cat who served as a rat catcher on the ship of the British naval frigate Amethyst after World War II. The homeless cat was found in 1948 in Hong Kong by the ship's commander, Bernard Skinner, who named him Simon. A year later, during the Chinese civil war, the Amethyst was fired and the ship's cat was seriously injured. The sailors who adored Simon grieved being sure that he would not survive the night, but the cat not only survived, but also saved the ship from hordes of rats. The brave cat was awarded the Mary Dickin Medal, which is awarded to animals for service in the British Armed Forces - unfortunately, after his death: during quarantine, upon arrival in England, Simon caught a dangerous infection and went to the rainbow. He was buried with naval honors in a cemetery in the London suburb of Ilford. His farewell ceremony became a national event, and writer Paul Galliko dedicated his story "Jenny" to him.

Felicette, the astronaut cat. This charming Frenchcat was the first and the only one. The first cat of Earth to was in space, and the only one who safely returned home from the orbit. Her glory day was October 18, 1963, when the French Véronique AG1 rocket was launched from a rocket base in Algeria. During the flight, the cat was in a special capsule, which separated from the rocket at the height of 160 km and was lowered to the earth's surface by parachute. During the entire flight, electrodes implanted in Felicette's brain transmitted neurological impulses to the French Center for Treatment and Medical Assistance (CERMA). This was her contribution to science - a really valuable contribution. Alas, it cost the kitty her life: after the flight she was put to sleep.

Delilah, Freddie Mercury's cat. "Delilah" - who does not know this legendary song of the great Queen frontman! " You make me so very happy when you cuddle up and go to sleep beside me..." - Freddie sang, and one of his main greatest hits was dedicated not to a woman, but to a cat. Delaila is the singer's favorite cat, a beauty of the Thai breed. Freddie Mercury, as you know, is generally an inveterate cat lover, but Delilah was the love of all his life. He adored her and even canceled concerts if the cat was sick. Apparently, because she "made him smile when he was about to cry". They stayed together until the singer's death.

Orangey, the movie star cat. What does it take to become a Hollywood star? Sometimes a disgusting character and scars on the face, or on the muzzle, are enough for this, because we are talking about a cat. This is how Orangey red cat got into the cinema: he passed the selection of five hundred cats and was taken to the main role in the film "Rhubarb". The redhead turned out to be the most charismatic candidate! Later, Orangey starred in dozens of films and commercials and even won the Patsy Award, an Oscar analogue for animal actors. Twice! The second time the cat received this award starring in the main (well, almost the main) role in the legendary "Breakfast at Tiffany's" along with the great Audrey Hepburn. Orangey's character in this film does not even have a name: “My old cat, old lazy cat, without a name. I have no right to give him a name, because we do not belong to each other. We just met once. Nothing belongs to us in this world, ” Holly Golightly said. But even unnamed, this red cat entered the history and remained there forever.