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A few simple life hacks to help your pet when it is hot

The weather has been incredibly hot for several days now; the thermometer stubbornly tends to +40 and, of course, the extreme summer of 2010 immediately pops up in our memory. Hot! It is hot for both people and cats. Alas, the sea is unavailable this year, but we at least can wear light sundresses and shorts or go to the beach (where permitted). And how do our pets feel in their fur coats? For cats, a comfortable temperature should be not higher than +25 degrees; besides, they, unlike humans, do not have an opportunity to cool down as quickly as possible.

If your cat is lying, does not react to anything and looks indifferent, if it sticks out its tongue and breathes frequently, it has a rapid heartbeat and dilated pupils, vomiting, convulsions, if it poorly orients in the room and is looking for a secluded corner - this is perhaps a heatstroke. How can you prevent this? And in general, how can you help your beloved pet to endure the heat?

First. If possible, try to create an oasis of coolness in your house. Is there an air conditioner? Great! Even if you go to work, adjust the conditioner so that it periodically turns on and maintains the set temperature. If there is no air conditioner, a fan will help to partially correct the situation. An old proven life hack: place a bottle or another container of frozen water in front of the fan. You will see that your cat will sit near this structure.

Draw the curtains or roll down the window blinds: the sun is beautiful, but not now. Coolness at any cost! A good solution is a humidifier; in its absence, you can hang wet towels in the apartment. Of course, it is necessary to ventilate the room. Windows can even be opened wide, but only in the morning or in the evening, when it is not so hot. But remember: you can only open those windows that are protected by nets!

Second. Your cat will love a dark corner. This could be its personal house, a carrier, or even a simple box that you place in some cool secluded place. A bed, a favorite toy, a drinker nearby - the cat will be grateful to you.

Arrange such a corner in the refrigerator? The idea is funny, but hardly feasible. And in general, this is a joke :).

Third. Adjust the cat's diet. In hot weather, the cat may lose its appetite. It's okay, it will recover later, but now, just do not worry and, of course, no forced feeding! If your pet eats wet food, reduce the portions so that everything can be eaten at once. If there is anything left in the bowl, put it in the refrigerator: at high temperatures, the food will quickly go off. Some people believe that when it is hot, you should feed your pet with frozen meat, they say, this will help the animal to quickly cool down "from the inside". Never do that! The cat can catch a cold!

Fourth or perhaps most important: more water! Change the water in the bowl or drinker not once a day, but two or three, and always wash the bowl so that the water is always fresh. It is important that the water temperature is comfortable for the cat; it is not necessary to give it ice water so that there is no shock from the temperature drop.

Another old life hack: many cats like drinking water from the tap, so let the water run in a tiny trickle - so it will always be cool.

Fifth. Simply wiping with a damp towel will help to cool the cat's body. Paws, belly, nose, ears - neatly and carefully. You can put a bowl of water at room temperature for the cat, but do not drag it there by force, it will climb there if it wants. Do not frighten your pet with a shower! Of course, if it's time to bathe the animal, you need to do this, but only using safe products with a natural composition, but you shouldn't cool the cat under the shower jets.

How do you save your cats from in hot weather?