Cat Solo with Cello


For several days now, the global cat-community has been discussing the news: the world's first music album addressed to/// cats was released under a large label Universal Music. However, it currently occupies the highest positions in “human” charts, in particular, “Music For Cats” has become the first in the charts of classical music in iTunes and Amazon.

“Many cat owners say that not only cats but also they love this music,” creator of the album, American cellist and composer David Teie says. He even dedicated a special Instagram page to release of the album.

When writing "cat" music, David Teie used the sounds that newborn kittens hear - the murmur of a mother cat and the twittering of birds. In addition, musical compositions include such sounds as scratching claws, murmuring and stomping, the sound of a running engine. The combination of such sounds with a rich, beautiful soundtrack creates original music. Perhaps you can’t call it easy, and yet it is pleasant for both cats and people.

There are five full tracks in the album; the total playing time is 50 minutes. All melodies are designed taking into account the characteristics of cat hearing and perception. Teie is sure that listening to his music has a beneficial effect on cats: they calm down and behave quietly, peacefully, without showing irritation and aggression.

Teie is a professional musician who performs with the United States National Symphony Orchestra. He now teaches music at the University of Maryland and has long been studying the effects of sounds on animal behavior. He believes that cats are interested in the sounds they hear in nature, and that mammals tend to respond positively to the sounds that surround them in early childhood.

Currently, the cellist performs live concerts in one of the cat cafes in London, and in the future, perhaps, will continue to create music for other pets.