Whiskered Controller


In 2011, the train station superintendents in the city of Huddersfield (UK) decided to have a kitten. The reason was simple: the train station was literally occupied by mice, and the 9-week-old Felix was appointed as a “savior” of the station.

The railroad workers called the kitten Felix. However, it later turned out to be a female cat, but it was decided not to change the name. Moreover, Felix was officially accepted into the staff, was appointed as a “controller” and even was given a uniform. Only one thing distinguishes the four-legged controller from human employees: Felix works not for money, but for food.

Like any employee, Felix sometimes has official problems. For example, the magnetic barriers installed at the station to deal with stowaways turned out to be impassable not only for the “stowaways themselves, but also for the cat. Fortunately, the operators noticed this in time and put a magnetic bracelet that opens the passage on Felix.