I Adore to Give Presents!


Anna Rudakova, an Аll Вreed WCF expert, one of the most famous felinologists in the world. This issue of our magazine is devoted to Oriental cats, and today Anna Rudakova is our interlocutress. She is an All Вreed WCF expert, one the most famous felinologists in the world, and a breeder of Oriental cats for almost 20 years.

– How long have you been engaged in felinology?

Since 1997. Just at that time I got my first pedigreed cat – an Oriental of the red tiger colour.

– What breed did you start with?

The Oriental one :). Have you doubted?!

- Why did you choose this very breed?

It will be more right to say that this breed chose me. And it chose me at a show where I was showing my "almost Exotic cat". Walking around the show room and watching cats, I saw IT and did not manage to move away from it any more! I began to ask the breeder to give me this 7-month old young red beautiful cat that had to remain in the cattery… And... One can add all the existing "emoticons" to demonstrate my emotions... We became the Best Junior at the show (knowers will understand!). Hooray! And, as they say, all hell broke loose. It is a classic story for many people. I think it is the way many people begin to climb the "Cat Olympus". And what was next? Shows – victories – club – training – and I am an expert.

- Have you ever worked with other breeds?

Yes, I have. I bred Maine Coons for more than 10 years. I know you will ask: "Why do not you breed them now?"

First, I have found worthy, decent and enthusiastic breeders who are developing this breed. These are the breeders of our club: Elena Tyshler, Tatiana Kashutova, Oksana Yegorchenko and many others, whom I absolutely trust and adore the quality of their cats. And by the way, my first cat – the Maine Coon named Moscow Stra's Sheridan is still safe and sound. It is 13 years old already. Second, I simply do not have enough time. Because it is very difficult to professionally breed and develop a breed. I currently pursue other goals :).

– What was your first cat's name?

Sheridan from the Striped Legion. It was this cat together with the female cat Salambo Lambada that became a forefather and a foremother of the Faraon-Show cattery, which has already been "inherited" by Elena Korshunova following my "cat great granddaughter" – she is now a breeder in this cattery.

- Your first show as an expert – how did it go?

Oh ja!))) It was in Germany! Besides that I passed my first two groups in Germany, my first show as an expert was held there too. I was worrying. But everything went well. Because at that time Germany was characterized by holding of highly disciplined and high-quality shows, where every second (as it seemed to me) was scheduled.

- What kind of shows do you like more: with traditional European judging or rings?

I am an active and mobile person. Of course, rings, shows, etc., are my cup of tea! I like to describe, explain and present breeds. Probably, it is an impact of my pedagogical education:). Although traditional shows are now very mobile too. Thanks to Top Cat!!! Many shows have very rich and beautiful programs! And such shows go just in one breath! Don’t they?:)

- What is your sign of the zodiac? (Date of birth)

I am Aries. It was born on April 2.

- You visit a lot of shows as an expert. Where are, in your opinion, cats of the highest quality?

Well, it depends on the breed. All cats cannot be mega-pedigreed in one country. There are good catteries of each breed and they are scattered around the globe!

– What is your favourite country? And a favorite city?

Brazil. Rio de Janeiro (I will go there when I retire!:))) )

- How do you like to relax?

I love silence and quiet. I have to travel a lot and communicate with people (not only at shows). Therefore rest is time for my family, quiet, and conciliation.

- What is your favorite dish? Drink?

My favorite cuisine is the Italian one. My favorite drink is fresh coconut juice...

- Do you have another hobby besides cats?

Fitness. Yoga. Running.

- What is an “ideal present” for you?

A present given NOT on any occasion. Just for no reason. And generally speaking, I adore giving gifts myself. I like doing it and do it very often.

- What is your life credo or motto?

Go forward! Only forward!