Like Father, Like Son!


Artyom Mineyev, a WCF All Breed expert has kindly agreed to answer Top Cat's questions

– How long have you been engaged in felinology?

I've liked animals and especially cats since childhood. The Santa Club in Tumen was my first club, where I entered with my domestic cat Marquise in my childhood. It was a very beautiful non-pedigreed pet of the tortoiseshell colour with white – my ardour for felinology began with it. It was approximately at the end of the 80s.

– What breed did you start with?

A Persian cat of the cream colour named Barcelona was my first cat. It was of a classical type, and just at that time Persians of an extreme type began to appear in Moscow and Petersburg, therefore my Barcelona was not very successful at shows:))). It was a willful lady of the Czech origin ):))).

- Why did you choose this very breed?

The choice of breeds was not very big at that time: 90% of all the animals at shows were Persians. As to other breeds, these were mostly cats resembling Siberians, Thais, Europeans or Russian Blue ones. They did not inspire me, I wanted a longhair animal with a good pedigree. Some time later I got Persians, as they said, of the contemporary, extreme type, and then I got an Exotic shorthair cat of the tortoiseshell colour named Glasha. I have been engaged in selection of Persians and Exotic cats for many years.

- Have you ever worked with other breeds?

No, I have not... but I've started to:))).

– What was your first cat's name?


- Your first show as an expert – how did it go?

My first show as an expert took place in my native Santa Club. Our club had an experience of holding shows; therefore everything was clear and in accordance with the schedule. I was not worrying like a "young expert" because I had taken my examinations in accordance with the European system of the World Association of Cat Clubs, prescribing separate examinations with respect to each breed and group of colours. I knew that I had already passed exams with respect to the breeds and colours, which I had to judge, and that there would be no surprises in the form of breeds, which I had never seen:).

- What qualities of the Abyssinian do you like most of all?

I like the qualities which characterize the Abyssinian. An Abyssinian cat is sociable, very active, devotedly loving its owner, accompanying him everywhere and in all his affairs. The main difference of the Abyssinian from other breeds is its unique ticked colour with a warm and saturated colour of the undercoat. They are slim, but at the same time very muscular. The Abyssinian means beauty of the wild life.

- Give some advice to beginning breeders of Abyssinian cats.

To carefully study the issue of choosing a cattery, where future sires will be acquired. Like father, like son, do not forget about it!

- What is your sign of the zodiac? (Date of birth)

I am a Libra, born on October 15.

- You visit a lot of shows as an expert. In what city of Russia people like the Abyssinian most of all, do you think? Where are, in your opinion, the cats of the highest quality?

As an expert, I have visited many shows of various international organizations held almost in all the corners of Russia. I think there are lovers of the Abyssinian in every city, but nevertheless they are still few in number at any shows. And, unfortunately, their quality often leaves much to be desired... But the Abyssinians from Magnitogorsk have left a wonderful impression on me. I have observed the work of Elena Kazakova's ABYSING Cattery operating under the WCF system for several years – there are wonderful animals, they are very bright and harmonious, wonderfully behave at shows, always get high marks from experts and win at major shows, which demonstrates the high level of selection. Besides WCF, I have also judged at CFA shows, and I've been admired by Abyssinian cats of Vasily Butorin from Saint Petersburg. There are very spectacular animals of different colours in the cattery, and alongside with the widely known ruddy and sorrel colours, there are blue and fawn Abyssinians – they are fantastically beautiful animals, possess excellent balance, light bones, and amazing show temperament.

- How do you like to relax?

This can be both walking around a city in a pleasant company and watching TV at home. But I most of all I like to go to nature and live in tents. A trip into Crimea last year was particularly memorable :).

- What is your favorite dish? Drink?

There are many of them:). But tasty shashlik is the simplest one! As to the drink, this is carrot juice:).

- Do you have another hobby besides cats?

Yes, I have an aquarium with fish and beautiful house plants at home.

- What is an “ideal present” for you?

The one presented with all one's heart and good wishes.

- What is your life credo or motto?

"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."