I love Riga, Opera, Cats and... Dogs


Traditional interview of the issue: Vija Klucniece, a felinologist from Latvia and an All Breed WCF expert, is a Top Cat guest

– How long have you been engaged in felinology?

For almost thirty years! I got engaged in felinology in 1986.

– What breed did you start with? Why did you choose this very breed? Have you ever worked with other breeds?

My first breed and, so to say, my last breed – I've been breeding them until now – is the Persian. All my cats are now old, but still dear for me. At first Persians attracted me because of their appearance, but afterwards I managed to appreciate their character. I also have an experience of breeding other cats: the matter is that many members of our club have only one male or female cat, and I actually had to work with different breeds.

– What was your first cat's name?

Kassius Berenika, it originated from Prague.

- Your first show as an expert – how did it go?

I remember this day perfectly: my first exhibition took place on May 3, 1987. 32 male and female cats were showed at it, but only three of them had pedigrees! We, beginning experts, evaluated the cats looking both at the animal and the standard. Of course, we did not have enough experience. But, as it turned out later, we did not miss the best ones: the cats selected by us successfully participated in shows where known experts judged them.

– What kind of shows do you like more - with traditional European judging or rings?

I like European shows, because, as I see it, they are more serious and substantial in terms of breeding.

– We know that you are also an expert in cynology. What shows are more difficult, do you think – dog or cat ones? What is the greatest difference between them?

Judging of cats takes more time, but dog shows are more difficult: more animals participate in dog rings (an analogue of cat classes), therefore it is much more difficult to choose the best one than at cat shows. Dog shows have become very professional, but cat shows have not, as I think.

– What is your zodiac sign? (date of birth)

I am a Virgo (August 25).

- You visit a lot of shows as an expert. Where are, in your opinion, Don Sphynxes of the highest quality?

I reckon, in Saint Petersburg. And the farther from the capital, the higher the quality is.

– What is your favorite city?

Of course, Riga!

- How do you like to relax?

I like to travel very much, I like opera and theatre. I adore to meet with friends.

- What is your favorite dish? Drink?

Pavlov's dessert, red dry wine.

- Do you have another hobby besides cats?

Yes, this is dogs :). And cooking of various dishes.

- What is an “ideal present” for you?

A present gifted with all one's heart. And when I feel that this present was chosen specifically for me.

– What is your life credo or motto?

"Each storm cloud has a silver edge".