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Brigitte Peppermans (Belgium) answers the Top Cat questions, the expert of All Breed WCF

- What was the name of your first cat?

My first cat's name was Twiki and he was a house hold cat.

- How old were you, when you first got a pedigree cat?

It was in 1981. I was 34 years old.

- What breed was your first cat?

It was Persian. I started breeding Persian and Exotic and was successful in it for 10 years. Then I started breeding Devon Rex. In 1994 I started breeding Sphynx and I am devoted to this breed since then, thou I have only old neuter now in my house. You can find my cattery name – GORIAKIS – in many modern Sphynx pedigrees.

- Whom do you like more in Sphynx: males of females? Why?

I like both. Sphynx are incredible! They are half monkeys, half dogs, half children and half cats. They possess unique ability to perform shenanigans for everyone's entertainment. They can fly like a bird on your shoulder and are skillful in climbing atop doors and bookshelves. They love human attention, no, they demand it! And Sphynxes may be mischievous and lovely as children.

- Where do you think are the best Sphynx cats on the show now (country, city)?

The best Sphynx cats now are in Russia and Ukraine.

- What is your zodiac sign? (date of birth)

I am Fish. 24 February.

- What type of rest do you prefer? (active, on the beach, meditation, etc)

I am a beach woman! I love SSS (sun, sand and sea)!

- What is your favorite country? City?

My favorite country is Turkey, where people are lovely and kind. I love Antalya.

- What is your favorite dish?

It is a good steak. Preferably bloody:)

- What is your favorite drink?

Coffee. A good coffee!

- Do you have hobbies besides cats?

I love to read, I love music. I love to travel.

- What is your «ideal present»?

Present… Just a friendly smile! And … parfume…

- What is you life-credo or life-motto?

Be happy and tomorrow is the other day!

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