Mini Puma at Home

Photo of: WCF Triple Master Challenger Niffel AbySing, owned by Elena Kazakova

Abyssinian cats! They are incredibly beautiful – not in vain they are called "children of the sun"... Elegance, grace, unusual amazing colour, captivating eastern eyes full of love and intelligence, unusually-set large ears – as if the cat is constantly listening. The very appearance of the Abyssinian resembles the pictures of the dun cat on ancient Egyptian bas-reliefs. In terms of its appearance, the Abyssinian cat actually resembles a wild animal: it is a "mini puma" at your home. Such appearance combined with friendly and sensitive character attracts people – Abyssinian's charm affects even those who by no means like cats... Yes, yes! Abyssinian cats (they are often called "abyssinians" or "aby") are very clever, amazingly obedient, which is not typical of other cat breeds, they react on the situation fast and immediately response to caress, and they are easily trained to bring various items or do some tricks... Is it worth being surprised that they leave almost nobody indifferent?!

Photo of: Silver Fairy Barberry Autumn, owned by Roman Ezhov

Origin and recognition of the breed

The Abyssinian belongs to the most ancient cat breeds, but the exact origin of this breed has not been established yet. In accordance with one of the versions, and judging on its name, it originates from Ethiopia which was previously called Abyssinia. However, no traces of this great cat of the ticked colour have been found in Africa. However, due to its resemblance to the sacred cat of the Ancient Egypt, the majority of researchers still believe that the Abyssinian's motherland is somewhere on the shores of the Nile. In support of this version one can remember a legend stating that pharaoh Rameses II got several cats from the Abyssinian king and brought them to Egypt. Only pharaohs and members of their families could keep these cats, they were honoured as sacred animals and were kept in temples, thus being companions of Egyptian gods. Hieroglyphs and mummies of cats confirm this theory. In accordance with another theory, returning from his military expedition to Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia) in 1868, Lord Robert Napier took a kitten with him, whom he brought to Great Britain. Mr. Napier named the kitten Zula and it is this kitten that is considered a forefather of the Abyssinian breed.

Abyssinian cats were registered in 1882 in Great Britain, and by 1970 this breed had been recognized in all countries of the world. In 1979 the first show of all the English Abyssinian cats was held in England. Today this great breed occupies one of the top positions in terms of its popularity among shorthair breeds in the USA. However, in Russia Abyssinian cats are still rare.

The history of any breed includes the names of its founders – breeders who were the first to create the breed. If we speak about the Abyssinian, first of all, it is worth mentioning such persons as Mrs. Constance Carew-Cox, Ms. E.A. Clarke, Mrs. Frederick, Mrs. Patman, lady Edith Douglas-Pennant, and lady Decies. Two other important names are Mr. Sam Woodiwiss and Mr. H.C. Brooke. Each of these people was an excellent breeder and today we have such a miracle as Abyssinian cats due to them.

Abyssinians in detail

Describing the breed, it is worth noting that these cats are of a medium size with a strong and a flexible body on long slender legs. The tail is quite long, strong near the base, gradually narrowing and finishing with a mobile pointed tip. The head is of a medium size, wedge-shaped, with smooth contours which resemble figurines of ancient Egyptian cats. The ears are large enough, widely set, broad at the base, with rounded tips where there may be tufts sometimes. Abyssinians' ears are constantly in tense as if the cat is listening. The eyes are large, shining, very expressive, almond-shaped, of a pure colour, with shades ranging from green to amber. There is a typical "make-up" around the eyes.

However, it is their hair and especially colour that is the most characteristic feature of Abyssinian cats. The hair is short, thick, with delicate texture, close-lying, with double or triple ticking. Ticking means numerous dark rings on every single hair, with the tip of the hair being always dark. There is a dark line going along the body from the head to the tip of the tail – the so-called eel line. The tip of the tail is always solid, having intense colour of the ticking. There are four classic colours of Abyssinian cats, as well as their silver "variations": ruddy (wild colour) – the most spectacular one and popular among people, as well as sorrel, blue, and fawn.

Photo of: WCF Triple Master Challenger Niffel AbySing, owned by Казакова Елена

Children of the Sun

Abyssinians are wonderful, harmonious cats. They possess easy, lively temperament, react to any movement in the environment; they are great lovers of games and incredible jumps. Balanced temperament is an important feature of the breed. Abyssinians are not fearful and are very stress-resistant.

These cats get on well with people, as well as with other domestic animals – cats, dogs, birds, and even with exotic animals. In a zoo the Abyssinian agrees to live with everyone and love all inhabitants without any exception, but upon one condition – it should be allowed to be on the very top of the social ladder.
Abyssinian cats are incredibly active, but at the same time easily live even in small rooms. It does not matter, how large the Abyssinian's home is – it will choose its own "roost", where it will monitor its entire kingdom. It will be great if this is a cat tree located in a light place and preferably near a window: Abyssinians like sun beams, and the window is a kind of a video screen of the cat world for them.
Abyssinians are so clever that their mind sometimes works against the owner, especially if there are several Abyssinians: acting in collusion it is possible to accomplish a deed which cannot be dome alone. One Abyssinian cat is like a child, two Abyssinian cats are a company for each other and for you, and three or more Abyssinian cats can become a cause for worrying or even create a small chaos.

Despite their "wild" appearance, Abyssinian cats are absolutely domestic, tender, with a soft, tuneful voice. They sincerely love their owners and need human society. Breeders claim that there is no a more faithful and devoted cat than the Abyssinian. Amazing devotion to a person and obedience of the Abyssinian, the ability to answer the call, to carry objects in teeth, make it resemble a dog. An Abyssinian's favorite game is "fetch": the cat will run after a thrown toy with pleasure and bring it back for another throw.

By the way, the Abyssinian's love to games lasts its entire life. Adult cats play with the same enthusiasm as kittens. Abyssinians prefer to be in the center of action; they are excellent assistants in all your affairs. The Abyssinian cat will "help" you to make the bed, but you will do it three times as long as usually; it will even help you to wash dishes; to be close to the owner is the most important thing for it. At the same time the animal is not obtrusive and possesses self-respect. It seems that Abyssinians have successfully mastered the fourth dimension, because they manage to be in several places at once, personally checking what the inhabitants of the house are doing. Abyssinians like to occupy the highest of the possible places with good field of view to constantly hold their territory under control. It must be the aware of everything what is happening in the house, therefore it will always accompany its owner wherever he goes. But do not think it will follow you: with its tail raised, the Abyssinian will go ahead checking the situation:). They like to "talk" to the owner, purring and touching him with their heads and bodies. You will never feel lonely in the company of the Abyssinian...

Photo of: Western Fine Dream, owned by Kira Grishaeva

If you let the Abyssinian to live as a full-fledged family member, it will endlessly demonstrate its love. It will tenderly purr (and the purring is more felt because of air vibrations rather than sound, because it is very quiet), kiss you and stroke you with the front paw, as well as hug you about the neck and tenderly look to your eyes, tickle you with its whiskers and tenderly rub against your ear. It seems that this child of the Sun tells you: "Love me and be happy!"

Abyssinian cat at home

Having got an Abyssinian cat, be very careful with doors – any visible slit should be examined by it. The outcome can be different: from locking in a cupboard to a serious injury of the animal pressed with a door or a sofa.

The Abyssinian cat spreads its feelings to all family members, but always chooses someone as the most favourite. It opposes being hugged and stroked by everybody, but wishes to have the only one with whom it can rest and get its portion of love. And, if you have to leave home for more than a day, do not doubt to choose the Abyssinian – this businesslike cat will entertain itself. Because Abyssinians are the only cats born with large plans for a day (as Patty Jackobberger, a cat exporter, says). They like water very much. Taking of a bath is not the best activity for them, but they will hunt after falling drops, make water ripple or lump under a shower (when water is switched off) – all these are wonderful amusement for them. They are inborn clowns, and their pranks will never disappoint you. But woe to the owner who laughed when the cat erred. After a jump with unsuccessful landing the Abyssinian will rise, shake and necessarily look to the owner's eyes to make sure: "Yes, I just planned my landing in such a way!" If you laugh, the emotionally sentimental Abyssinian will show its contempt. This susceptibility, in particular, allows Abyssinians to play on people's heartstrings. A new owner of the Abyssinian is sometimes shocked with its ability to behave in accordance with people's feelings. At the same time they are not at all rancorous. Abyssinians are full-fledged personalities whom one needs to consider if he lives with them in one house.

If you like such a characterization of a cat - careful, prompt, active, attractive and admirable – you will probably love the Abyssinian. And therefore, you will have a wonderful company, rewards, and surprises! The Abyssinian's owner has a unique possibility to look into the wonderful world of wild animals, as well as to receive a great dose of warmth and love. And the only chance to get such experience is to acquire one or better two charming little "pumas".

Aristocratic upbringing

The Abyssinian cat with good pedigree is a very well-behaved and well-upbrought animal. "Common decencies" are in its blood, it is a stranger to such bad habits as tearing curtains, scratching furniture or your hands, etc., which are, alas, typical of some other cats. Abyssinians knows almost everything from the childhood and easily trains like a pedigreed hunting dog.

Strong and deft, with a good reaction, this hardy cat possesses sound health. Thanks to its natural origin it does not have any faults, which are typical of artificially created breeds. Abyssinians love freedom as no other breed does. They cannot bear being locked in a pet carrier or a cage, and they cannot exist without daily communication with people. They begin to yearn, pine and just die. Abyssinians do not bear closed aviaries or cages, it feels wonderful in nature.

Photo of: WCF Master Usama Star Sky-Chee AbySing, owned by Elena Kazakova

But, if you live not in a spacious house, but in an ordinary flat, this is not a reason to refuse such happiness as the Abyssinian cat. Any accommodation will do to daily admire this graceful, lively cat, a small sun in your house. But please, remember: for its safety windows should be guarded with solid nets, because following the hunter's instinct the Abyssinian can jump out of the window after a flying bird without thinking about the outcome, because its hunter's instinct is stronger than the instinct of self-preservation.

The Abyssinian cat is a wonderful mother: it is very tender and passionate to kittens. Due to their graceful physique, Abyssinian cats do not give birth to many kittens at once: there are usually not more than three kittens in the brood.

Little kittens are like clowns in the circus; they scatter around the house like pea. Enthusiastic and inspirational jumps, full customs control of your bags, immediate disorder on your desk… And at the same time little Abyssinians keep innocent expression of their muzzles :). But it wins your heart, so that you accept this disorder as norm and have only tender emotions.

However, adult animals make people respect them. Although they are full-fledged personalities, they are by no means haughty cats. Polite elegance is one of their key features. All cats are clever, but Abyssinians will excel many other cats. They win under all the parameters!

Of course, it is worth saying a couple of words about maintenance of the Abyssinian cat. Its hair is easy to care of. It will be enough to periodically comb the hair out with a natural brush, but not more often than once a week. As we have already said, many Abyssinians love water, therefore it is easy to wash them. Abyssinians easily get used to the litter box, at the same time they want the box to be always in order, because they are characterized by particular cleanliness.

Photo of: W.Ch. Yagoarr Grand KlaUrs AbySing, owned by Elena Kazakova

Breeders of these cats claim: having got an Abyssinian cat, you will see the world in a different light! To live with Abyssinians means to have a miniature bit of the kingdom of the wild, primeval nature at home...

Author: Elena Kazakova the "AbySing" cattery

Telling about Abyssinian cats, we just could not but share with you, dear friends, this wonderful poem by Olga Chekh, Vladivostok, which she wrote with great love to Abyssinians. Enjoy it! :)

Who will save you from boredom,

Get to your arms,

And drive your spleen away?

Of course, it is the Abyssinian!

It is everywhere,

It will help to wash dishes,

Brush teeth, bake a pie

And tie a shoelace!

You cannot escape from it –

It flies like a bird

Around the flat for the whole day

And stamps like a deer!

The Abyssinian breed is

a real Skoda!

Blows off everything like a hurricane

It is an African hooligan!

But, as soon as the storm comes

And the owner bending brows,

Threatens with a terrible slipper

And says: "Where is that parasite?"

The cat will immediately make its eyes

And touchingly ask for tenderness

And the owner will not be able

To slap it.

It always ogles

And wags with its skinny backside –

So that you want to forgive it

And give a tasty snack!

There is no breed better than the Abyssinian,

This is a spirit of Wildlife,

It is jolly, mischievous,

Kind, tender, tame,

Muscular, slender, flexible,

It looks at you with a smile...

Know – it is the only one

Your favourite Abyssinian!!!