Siberian Cat is Beauty and Pride of Russia!

Photo of: Silver Master WCF Hercules HAKUNA MATATA owned by Hristina Moiseeva

From Russia with Love

Like the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest cat, the Siberian cat belongs to the group of natural or aboriginal breeds. In other words, these are big, massive, very active furry cats with powerful sculptured musculature, with water-resistant, non-matting hair having amazing structure – they are children of nature, and they have inherited their main qualities which delight true cat lovers, from their wild ancestors: resistance to diseases, stamina, unpretentiousness, strong health, independence, pride.

Angelur of Veresk Line Pyzhyk owned by Nadezhda Murzina

And, of course, beauty, the beauty which is always associated with Russia, with Rus, and more precisely - with Siberia and its powerful and majestic nature.

The Siberian cat is one of the largest breeds in the world; at the same time its natural strength and power combine with elegance in a unique way, and this admirable symbiosis fascinates literally at first sight. If you meet a Siberian cat at least once in your life, be sure: it will remain in your heart forever.

Natural Power

The Siberian is a breed "worked out" only by nature. And it is impossible to accurately track the origin of the Siberian, as it usually happens with aboriginal breeds. Is it really necessary? The Siberian breed is definitely a true Russian breed. Its name implies that the Siberians are great hunters: could it be otherwise in Siberia with its great distances, cruel frosts, impassable taiga where danger can wait you behind every tree? Siberian cats respond to these harsh conditions with all their qualities – a muscular body on powerful stocky paws, a wide furry tail, and chic "pants". And, of course, with its unique coat. The Siberian's coat must be special so that it would be comfortable both when it is hot and when it is cold. Obviously, therefore the nature has made the Siberian cat's coat composed of a very thick undercoat and sufficiently rigid overhair. This coat has one very interesting property – it can hardly get wet, and the Siberians would hardly manage to survive in deep taiga snows without such a property. Of course, today representatives of the breed live in much more comfortable conditions than their wild ancestors, but the "traditional Siberian inheritance" is something the owners of these amazingly beautiful cats are proud of. Long whiskers and eyebrows, expressive eyes and a rich collar – all these features emphasize natural beauty of this big, impressive and tender domestic animal. It is interesting that despite "human" traditions, male Siberian cats are more spectacular than their female partners! Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that they are much bigger than female cats. But cat girls are full of dignity, they "present" themselves and their beauty exactly like our burly, serious, reasonably quiet, kind and patient Russian women.

SarSibi G owned by Irina Stepanova

Ways of the Breed Formation

Professional work with the Siberian breed began almost simultaneously with emergence of felinology in Russia, which is a very significant fact. The first breed standards were established in the very beginning of 90s, and at that time the laborious work on selection of qualities of this old and new breed began.

Yes, it is an old and a new breed. It has been known for many centuries and at the same time it has just begun to be formed as a phenomenon recognized by world feline experts. And it is very symbolic that a Siberian cat from Moscow of unknown origin under the name Dimka Laskovyj Zver became the first Russian World Champion (DimkaLaskovyjZver`, owned by T. Pavlova).

Dimka Laskovyj Zver is a famous Siberian cat.
The 1st World Champion in Russia.

Having quickly become popular in Russia, the Siberian cat began to win hearts of lovers in European countries and even overseas. The breed is currently recognized by almost all the international felinological associations and, by the way, this is the first Russian cat breed recognized abroad.

What can the specialists, for whom breeding of the Siberian became a life work, be proud of? As a result of the long selection work of Russian felinologists and breeders, there appeared Siberian cats of the rarest and refined colours, such as the Siberian colorpoint or the Neva Masquerade.

One of the most important milestones in the breed development is the year 1997, when the Siberian Cat Lovers Association was created, which now bears the name of Tatiana Evgenyevna Pavlova, a lover and a propagandist of the Siberian breed, the first president of the Association. Our Siberian Association is the only Russian association holding monobreed shows. This year there will be the 5th show of the Siberians, and we are sure this event will not go unnoticed in the world of felinology!

Siberian Character

The character of pedigreed Siberian cats suits those who not only possess self-esteem, but are also able to appreciate it in others. The Siberian cat is graceful and playful, loves communication, but at the same time is never obsessive; it is intelligent and independent, but it values tenderness and attention; it immediately catches the person's mood and is ready to help him when he falls ill. Despite his severe appearance, the Siberian is surprisingly kind, even-tempered and benevolent, curious and trustful. Unusual sociability and communicability help these cats to get on well with other cats, dogs of any breeds, and any other domestic animals. They are unobtrusive, but will watch you with interest: what are you doing, dear owner? They feel when you need support and just come to purr in the ear. Amazing responsiveness and soul subtlety!

Pesnya Angara *RU owned by Natalia Sertakova

Of course, speaking about Siberians, it is simply impossible to overlook their "young generation". Siberian kittens are fascinating! They are playful and curious like children. Well, they are children! Growing up, they become calmer, but still like to play. They will never get bored even if the owner is busy: they will entertain themselves – they just need their toys.

Real Cat

Double WCF-Master Almaz for Angara owned by Natalia Sertakova

For many years one could hear the following words at shows near cages with Siberian cats: "This is an ordinary cat, our neighbour has such a cat". Siberian breeders even h ad a humorous name of the breed: "as we have". Today one cannot hear such a phrase, rather quite the opposite words: "This is a real cat! Ours! Native one!" I think I do not need to say, what such a metamorphosis means. Our Siberian cats have been recognized...

But could it be otherwise? Courage of the Siberians, their devotion to the owner are combined with their independent, strong character in a unique way. It is the unusual combination of tenderness and frightening appearance, natural beauty, harmony, active mind, character, and a variety of colours that attract attention of lovers and delight admirers of the Siberian cat.

The Englishmen say as follows about the Siberians: "SUCH A CAT CAN GRACE EVEN A QUEEN'S ENTERTAINING".

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Silver Master WCF Hercules HAKUNA MATATA owned by Hristina Moiseeva