Interview with Nadezhda Rumyantseva, an International All Breed Expert


- How long have you been breeding the Scottish Fold and the Scottish Straight?

The cattery was registered on December 28, 1993.

- Why did you choose these very breeds?

I was amazed at a unique combination of unusual owl appearance and character of a plush toy with remarkable intelligence.

- What was your first Scottish Fold's name?

The first cat was short-haired, it's name was Plyushka.

- Your first show as a breeder – how did it go? What result did you achieve with your pets?

The very first show in 1994 left an unusual impression. At that time I knew a little about the breed, but… I was really lucky to meet the first breeder whom I pursued like a tail, whom I accompanied at shows and who openly told me about difficulties of stock breeding of Scottish cats and their genetic peculiarities. The brightest impressions include the thrill of the competition and thirst for knowledge and, of course, an acquaintance with Nina Popova, the first breeder of Scottish Folds in Russia. 12 years later, after her tragic death, I took from her cattery absolutely all Scottish Folds brought from the United States.

- Have you ever worked with other breeds?

Practically, no. I had an Exotic cat of the blue-cream colour and a Persian cat, that both gave birth to kittens just once. My family successfully gave all the kittens in good hands.

- What qualities of the Scottish breed do you like most of all?

Remarkable intelligence, friendly character, the ability to feel the slightest shades of the owner's mood, surprisingly strong hyper-mother instincts covering not only kittens, but also other babies, including small kids, fantastic ability to learn and, certainly, their unusual appearance.

- Give some advice to beginning breeders of Scottish cats.

First, one needs to get knowledge in elementary felinology, basic genetics, and veterinary medicine. This is the most important point, without which selection is impossible. Undoubtedly, while choosing a Scottish cat one should not rely on advertisements of the cattery on the Internet. One can often get a completely opposite result, because, unfortunately, social networks have long become a "good" profitable trading platform. One should also investigate the following issues:
- Presence of genetic tests for hereditary anomalies (or at least the breeder's readiness to have such tests done); a
- bilateral legal agreement with guarantees of both parties;
- the breeder's readiness to advise and patronize the beginner;
- tracking of top (top-3) catteries in world ratings, and analysis of the pedigree lines, but a not particular pretty-looking begetter. It is very simple to do it with the help of internet resources: for example, to create pedigrees in pictures – it will be an excellent guide for pedigree programme planning; and
- visit major shows and communicate with both the breeders and the cats, which will allow the beginner to analyze not only show parameters, but also mentality of cats, which is very important for breeding.

- What is your sign of the zodiac? (Date of birth)

I am Lion. I was born on August 10.
Almost all my family belongs to the Fire element, except for the husband:)))

- You visit a lot of shows as an expert. In what city of Russia people like the Scottish Fold most of all, do you think? Where is, in your opinion, the livestock of the highest quality?

This breed is most of all loved – precisely loved - in Thailand. Definitely! They are ready to do anything for a dear cat. Literally speaking. Including massage, spa procedures, a personal nanny, a groomer, a doctor, etc. The breed is mostly professionally treated in the US, Russia, Canada. One can say that they have begun to professionally breed these cats in Thai catteries controlled by professional breeders, but unfortunately this country absorbs tens and thousands of Scottish Folds with defected pedigrees. As to the quality of the livestock, Russia takes the first place here, and I can say it for sure.

- How do you like to relax?

Relax??? A good question:). Rest is communication with close people for me + a couple of massage hours + spa + mango fresh. And again absorbing in my work.

- What is your favorite dish? Drink?

I adore eskargo and red dry wine in France, tiramisu in Italy, tartar and mulled wine in Austria, wild boar knee in the Czech Republic, Peking duck in Hong Kong, Tom Yam and Som Tam in Asia. But generally speaking, I like any dish. I just hate vodka and beer :).

- Do you have another hobby besides cats?

Shopping, home design, Alpine skiing, cookery (I love to cook various goodies), grooming as art... Children's education... sometimes:)))

- What is an “ideal present" for you?

A quiet family evening in a bosom of my family. Though it is a very specific notion in a large family:). To be useful for my nearest. I can do the rest myself:)))

- What is your life credo or motto?

«Весь мир у нас в руках,
Мы звёзды континентов,
Разбили в пух и прах
Проклятых конкурентов.
Мы к вам заехали на час,

Привет, бонжур, хэлло.
А ну скорей любите нас,
Вам крупно повезло.
Ну-ка, все вместе
Уши развесьте,
Лучше по-хорошему
Хлопайте в ладоши вы..."

(The whole world is in our hands,
We are the stars of the continents,
We have skunked
Our goddamn rivals.

We came to you for an hour
Privet, bonjour, hello.
Start to like us as soon as possible
Because you are very lucky.
All together-
Hang on our words,
And you better
Clap your hands.)

This song from the cartoon "Bremen musicians" was at first a favorite karaoke song in my family, and then it suddenly became an anthem of the Rumfold cattery.