Interview: Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek


Short "story" about yourself as a professional "cat-person".

Breeding since 24 years Cats. The first 10 years I was a breeder o Persian cats, but I am not a hairdresser and the perfect grooming needs a lot of time. I am a big fan of persians like before and I got all respect for persianlovers and the pefect job they do. Since 12 year I am breeding now not so bad British Shorthair Cats. I love this big Teddybears very much and I dont wanna miss them.

I am a President of Katzen-Freunde-Germania e.V. a indepenandant cat club in Germany. Member of different WCF clubs, like in the Club of my Friend Anna Rudakova in Penza.

I am a proud member of Honor of Association Feline de Monaco.

As Judge I am on Catshows all over the World since 13 years, I am Allbred Judge since 6 years. So you see needs a long time to be Allbreed.

For different System like TICA, CFA, ICU, MFA, Rolandus or SACC I work as Guestjudge.

I am a official WCF Judge because I am member of WCF Clubs and I know this system very well. Since 2014 I am the first German Judge with a TICA Examen, a am very proud about!

- What was the name of your first cat?

The Name of my first Cats when I was leaving alone, was Jacky. She was a Housepet in black/white and for me she was not only a cat, she was my friend. Jacky died in the age of 16 years.

- How old were you, when you first got a cat?

We got cats, since I remember ( I believe I was 6 years old), after the last Girl “Kitty” my mother prefer a dog, because we children were very unhappy as the cat does not come home anymore.

- What breed was your first cat?

Housepet. The first “official” breed was a Persian cat

- Whom do you like more in British shorthair's: males of females? Why?

I prefer the boys. It like the really nature, boys are more sweet, more relaxed and the boys like it more to be close to the me . Without Jokes for breeding I need boys and Girls, but I believe the boys are really more relaxed!

- What is your zodiac sign? (date of birth)

I am born at 18.05.1963, so I am a old Taurus now 

- What type of rest do you prefer? (active, on the beach, meditation, etc)

Depense of my mood; but for this year I prefer to be relaxed on the beach, but I like to visiting city-trips all over the world! My bigh wish is going one time to Nepal in a Buddha temple for Meditation!

- What is your favorite country? Сity?

My favourite Countries are Spain and South Africa

My favourite City is where I live, Cologne. “ Köln” is not only a City, Cologne is a feeling!

But I like a lot of different Cities like New York, Barcelona, Munich, London and last but not least Moscow. Specially in Russia are where nice Cities, special the russian citizens are allways kind,

Makes easy for me to feel welcome in every city in Russia!

- What is your favorite dish?

You remember me few years before? So you must know I like all kinf of food 

Ilike very much mediteran kitchen, I like some Russian food and I am a big fan o the Italian food too.

I hate Mushrooms and I hate Aubergines.

- What is your favorite drink?

Martini- Vodka, ask some Russian clubs about, I like Champagne, Wine, Coctails

And I DON’T like Beer! I don’t know, why all people believes the germans drinks allways beer?!

I don’t like coffee, i prefer tea.

- Do you have hobbies besides cats?

I like music, specially black music, I read a lot, I like travelling, and since one year I am in sport again.

Like horses also, was a owner of a own horse till 2011.

I am very interested in Buddhism.

- What is your "ideal present"?

The best present for me is friendship. The feeling to be welcome!

Material things I can buy.

- What is you life-credo or life-motto?

I got two and I try to follow them every single day !

  1. Live your Life like you want, you got only one!
  2. Believe in yourself to believe in others