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Club: Malta Cat Lovers
System: WCF
Certificate: 18034-2018

Honeybliss Cats, were pioneers along with a few other breeders, who decades ago helped establish the cat fancy in Malta. Way back then we bred and showed quality Persian longhair cats and our cats won various titles at FIFe shows. A number of times, our then Ch. Honeybliss Dolly Mixtures won the coveted over all Best in Show title. Since then much has changed and new clubs have been established. Regretfully Honeybliss eventually stopped breeding and showing due to circumstances at the time.

After being away for a long time from the cat fancy Honeybliss Cats is back! This time we have taken up the hobby again by breeding the notable British Shorthair breed. Our aim is to produce quality cats as far as type and temperament. We will be specializing on the dilute colours for the time being. Do drop us a line and get to know us :) God bless!

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