This Rating website is an open free Internet resource available to everyone.
Its purpose is to make the TopCat Rating System as transparent and easy-to-use for both, participants and guests, as possible.
The Rating website ( like the Rating itself) unites participants from all over the world.

Users' possibilities

Unregistered users (guests) of the website can see the following data on the website:

Registered users get the following possibilities:

  • to create their own personal profiles (see the example)
  • to add their pets to the Rating System
  • to create personal profiles for their pets (see the example)
  • to file applications for participation in shows
  • to promote their pets, catteries or kittens

Cattery's possibilities

There is a «Catteries» section on the TopCat website uniting information on all the catteries registered in the Rating System.

Each of the catteries has its own profile (see the example), containing detailed information on the cattery:

  • breeder's contact data
  • description
  • list of animals registered in the cattery

Club's possibilities

The «Clubs» section unites personal profiles (see the example) of the clubs registered in the TopCat System.

A club's profile contains the following information:

Possibilities of show organizers

The website of the TopCat Rating provides all the tools required to organize a show.

The easy-to-use interface of the managers' part of the website allows to control each show stage:

  • arrangement of a show
  • acceptance/filing of applications online
  • execution of a show catalogue
  • registration of participants
  • expertise
  • creation of all show types
  • awarding of titles to winners
  • announcement of show results

All the required forms and protocols are executed for each show stage.

Registration procedure

In order to become a registered user of the TopCat website, one should undergo the registration procedure.
For this purpose, one needs a mobile phone and a Mo.Card. How can I get a Mo.Card?

Please, note!
While registering, you should indicate accurate and complete contact data,
including your mobile phone number.

Choose «Activation of your Mo.Card» on the TopCat website.

Enter your card number and read the user agreement

I have found my profile on the TopCat website, how can I get access to it?

If this profile is not assigned to any website user yet, please, push the button «This is my profile»

If this profile is already assigned to a website user (in such a case there is no button «This is my profile») please, contact the website administration.