« Mo.Card» is a discount and bonus system supported and developed by «Motmom» Company, the general partner of the TopCat Rating System.

Any registered user of the TopCat website participates in the «Mo.Card» discount and bonus system and gets an opportunity to use its benefits and to take part in promotional offers and campaigns held within the system.

How can I get a Mo.Card?

  • Mo.Cards are issued to all participants of the shows held within the TopCat Rating System.
  • You can buy a Mo.Card online. An electronic copy of the Card will be sent to you via e-mail, and you will be able to create a profile on the TopCat website. The original card will be sent to you via mail to the address indicated by you.
  • You can acquire a Mo.Card from a distributor club or from an organization, which is a partner of the discount and bonus system in your city.