Belgrade Jubilee Show

Show organizer: Felinology Society Le Petit, WCF
Venue: Serbia, Beograd , Belgrade, Serbia
Сategory: II category
Starts at: January 12-13, 2019

About cat show

NOTICE: after completing Top Cat entry, please fill this form on rings and seating:

Belgrade Meow Fest

World Cat Federation Jubilee Show
January 12-13 2019, Belgrade Youth Centre, Serbia

WCF Jubilee Show

On Saturday is double judging. Cats will have an opportunity to win three certificates and a full Champion title for kittens, juniors or young adults.

This show will be a Jubilee show. Cats will have double points for WCF Best Cat competition.

There will be WCF and Jubilee Rings on both days. Cats of all categories and classes may compete in Jubilee rings. First two cats in Jubilee ring each receive Jubilee Master title, and qualify for future Double Master ring.


8:30h: vet check
10h: table judging
13h: Best in Show nominations and lunch break
14h: WCF Rings
16h: Jubilee Ring
17h: Best in Show, Best of Best, Best General
18:30h: Public Award, Best Supreme, end of program.

Judges and licence

Cornelia Hungerecker, Germany (AB, WCF)
Alina Ingor, Bulgaria (AB, WCF)
Wojciech-Albert Kurkowski, Poland (AB, WCF)
Svetlana Lalović, Serbia (SH, SIA/ORI, WCF)
Sarolta Virághalmy, Hungary (SH, SIA/ORI, WCF)

WCF licence: L# 194076. Organiser: RS-0287 Le PETit Serbia.

Price for cat entry, for two days

Adults 40 €
Kittens & juniors 35 €
Litters 35 €
Show only 30 €
Neuters 25 €

Second judging on Saturday: 15 €

Prices for rings

WCF Rings (kitten, neuter ili adult) 10 €
Jubilee Ring 15 €

Deadline for entries is Sunday, January 6. Number of cats is limited by show hall space. Entry fee will be paid at vet-check.

Show hall

Show hall is in Belgrade city centre, Makedonska 22. Wi-Fi is free. Show hall has a nice bar. Across the street there is an express-restaurant and numerous fast food places. There are three public garages next to show hall.


Please book rooms on Booking.com. If you need help, please contact Club Le PETit.

More information is at Le PETit website: www.lepetit.rs/Mrnjau_Fest_eng.htm

Welcome to Belgrade!

Dear cat people, see you all on Saturday and Sunday, 12-13 January in Belgrade. Yours, Le PETit :)

Cat Club Le PETit WCF Belgrade
www.lepetit.rs ~ 381 63 20-21-21
World Cat Federation / WCF e.V. ~ RS-0287 Le PETit