Khao Manee cat breed photo

The origin of the breed

Khao Manee is an ancient Thai breed, just like Siamese and Korat. It is hard to define its age, there are notions of the breed in Tamra Maew - “The Cat’s Book of Poems” dated with 1350 to 1767, probably the oldest book about felines. “The sixth feline with snow-white coat and jewel eyes brings riches, happiness and honour to the house.” - a somewhat free translation of what the book says about them. Even the breed’s name is translated like “white brilliant” or “white pearl”. All these jewelry epithets hint us that the breed was purely royal and restricted for common folk, they were also considered to bring all the goodness to their owner, including but not limited to the fame, self-sufficiency and longevity. A single Manee has even played it’s part in contemporary Thai Monarch coronation in 1926. Thai folks seemed to notice that old type Thai cats and homecats do sometimes produce white kittens with mismatching eyes. Thus, these felines were somewhen natural, yet were purposely bred later.

It is said that these cats have once saved something as global as Thailand’s sovereignty. Rama the Fifth, King of Thailand has presented two Khaos to the british queen, the receiving side was so impressed with “Siamese royal cats” that Thailand was allowed independence. It is stated though that English were given ordinary Siamese, while precious Manee were left unexported for roughly an age and were first exported to USA in 1999. Two years later it was given a TICA standard, some other systems like GCCF have given it a breed status in 2010 only.


A medium sized, muscular yet elegant feline, weighing from 5 to 14 lbs, sexual dimorphism is quite obvious.

Head: Well defined, not too long or short, wide and wedgy. Prominent cheeks and forehead, high jaws, straight nose. Blunt muzzle is square in profile, the chin is well pronounced, but doesn’t stick out.

Eyes: Large, almond-shaped, set at a slant.

Ears: These can medium to large, but are always straight set, wide at base and round at the tip.

Neck: Medium sized.

Body: Oriental type, elegant and symmetrical, neither too thin nor too muscular.

Legs: Medium length, able and thick.

Paws: Roundish, with neat pink pads.

Tail: Long, at approximately full body length.

Coat: Short, very thick, smooth to the touch and clinging to the body, with a slight undercoat to back it up.

Colours: The only accepted colour is full white, without any patterns. Kittens are allowed to have slight markings on their head, which should disappear by the age of one. Eyes are either blue or odd, with one still being blue and the other anything from green to yellow or gold.

Flaws: Any coat pattern or spotting, any non-standard colour.

Disqualification on shows: Genetic deficiency, unbalanced body build, aggressive behavior.

Universal disqualification: Ампутированные когти, крипторхизм, глухота.

Character traits and features

Khao Manee is a sociable, friendly and smart feline. It is curious, active, playful and attention seeking. It’s voice is pleasant and it’s purring is probably the most charming among cats. They are nice to other pets and children, and are known for their neatness and wits.

Maintenance and care

Despite the fact that these cats are extremely rare, they are just as easy to look after as any generic feline, all you have to do is brush them weekly and bath them quickly when needed. Of course eye and ear cleaning is a must. Sometimes these cats would born deaf, still they are some of the most expensive felines in the world.

Nutrition choices

Balanced rations are required. Only premium class feeds should apply.

Selection and breeding

Allowed crossings: none

Breeds relative to or derived from Khao Manee: none

Alternative and obsolete breed names



Khao many;

Khao Plort;

Diamond Eye;

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