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The origin of the breed

Being developed in 80-s, the breed is relatively young. The First Asian litter came to life in 1981, as a result of accidental crossing between chinchilla Persian and lilac Burmese. As a result, they've got burmese-like shaded black shorthair kittens. Both vivid paint and peculiar character have inspired owners to go on with Asian cats selection, as a result we have a whole group of breeds, united under “Asian feline” name. Here is a list of them:

- Burmilla (asian shaded)
- Asian smoke
- Asian tabby (ticked, spotted, tiger or blotched)
- Asian self and tortie (Bombay cats are also included in this group in england, although numerous european and american organisations consider Bombay to be a separate breed)
- Tiffanie (asian semilonghair)

Asian shorthair was given admission by GCCF in 90-s. These cats draw new breeders with their vast variety of colours, splendid appearance and an easy temper. Scarcely met here in Russia, they are very popular all over the world.


A medium-sized cat, weighing around 6 to 20lbs, sometimes more. Their prominent musculature rests well on their hard frame. To cut short, all Asians possess a splendid look: nice proportions, rounded breast, beautiful spine curve and a taut belly.

Gender dimorphism somewhat affects Asian females, making them somewhat smaller than males.

Head: Short wedge form, with soft contours, without flat planes. Nose is not long, straight, profile is well defined. Muzzle is well determined with soft lines, with well determined sculls, with a deep and strong chin and strong lower jaw.

Eyes: Set wide, very big and expressive, from can be from broad almond or rounded. Eye color can be only yellow or amber, pure without any speckles.

Ears: Wide at the base, medium size, set high, separated rather far from each other, a little bit tilted forward.

Neck: Srtong, of medium size.

Body: Medium size and length. Visually more light that it is.

Legs: Proportionate to the body, rather long and thin, but very muscular.

Paws: Nor big and compact.

Tail: Straight, long, without any defects, tapering to the end.

Coat: Very short, thin and shining, laying close to the body, has almost no undercoat. Inner part of the body is usually lighter in any colors.

Color: Almost any color - black, chocolate, lilac, cream, blue, silver, etc...

Disqualification: Pinch, lantern jaws.

Disqualification on shows: Any amount of white in the color, green eyes.

Disqualification for all breeds: Amputated claws, cryptorchism, deafness. Any bone deformation in the head, body, limbs.

Character traits and features

A peaceful, tender and obedient pet. Lives well in a flat, doesn't suffer from lacking open air. Their behavior blends strong affection to the owner and sympathy to every family member, including children. While being very smart, curious and receptive, they are also very playful, active and visually emotional. Their character is really easygoing, although they can and will protect their litter and themselves. Despite being not very tolerant to desolation, they won't mind your short absence.

Maintenance and care

If we were to describe it in one word, it would be “easy”: all you are going to need is a rubber brush-glove. You will not want to brush them more than once a week, or wash them more than once a month. However, it is recommended to check and clean their ears of dirt, sulphur and leeches. Their eyes should also be cleaned of secrets on a daily basis, moist cotton swab or napkin ease this by great extent. A scratching pad is also necessary for them.

Nutrition choices

Balanced rations


Allowed crossings

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Alternative and obsolete names

Asian shorthair

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