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Amadeus Solov'evaSV WingFly Land

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TopCat ID: 0113641
Sex: Male
Breed: PBD - Peterbald
Color: n 21
Title: not specified
Birthday: September 2, 2016
Status: in breeding
Pedigree: RU-0135-07-PBD-LO-0210-16
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Date Cat show City Show titles Points Share
05/01/17 - 06/01/17 Mezhdunarodnaya vystavka koshek "Gran-Pri Sibiri 2017" Novosibirsk Best Kitten Ring III/10 Ring III/16 SS Best kitten SS Best of Breed Nomination BIS Best opposite Sex Kitten Ring III/17 SS Best kitten Nomination BIS + 427
Date Cat show City Show titles Points Share
24/12/16 - 25/12/16 Mezhdunarodnaya vystavka koshek Kemerovo Best Kitten I Best Kitten SH Ring II/9 SS Best kitten SS Best kitten Nomination BIS Best Kitten II Best Kitten SH Ring III/14 SS Best kitten Nomination BIS + 381.5


Shortcut: PBD
Group: Siamese
Сategory: Primary
Origin: Russia
Breed's origin

The origin of the breedWell, it's other name - Peterburg Sphynx, may already tell you where it comes from - the city of Saint PetersburgThe first hairless kittens, children of don sphynx Aphynogena Myth and a world champion tortie oriental shorthair Radma von Jagerhof were born in 90-s. Russian felinologists have attempted to create an elegant, refined hairless feline looking like oriental and modern siamese cats. Four peterbald kittens from the first litters, named Mandarin, Muscat, Nezhenka...